How to make a lot of money online via adsense.

There are many ways to make money online,  the trick is to pick an area where you can grow virally.  In markets like online dating it is completely packed and no new players have any real chance of competing. has spent well over $70 million the past 2 years and gone no where,  the main problem is 30% of your user base leaves the site every month and you need huge word of mouth to sustain membership.  Without viral you have to spend $6.00+ per free signup and there is no way to make that kind of money back via adsense.

There are still a lot of makets you can enter where you could generate 20 million a year plus from adsense.   The only problem is that you have to be 1st.  If you are late to the game you need to buy your way in, and that rarely works.

1.  A free clone,  maybe with a ebay like reputation system.

2.  A social networking/ stock/money portal with a built in clone to highlight user generated "research reports" or "articles".

3.  (adsense for search) Sites that distribute toolbars,  google is making over  $30+ a toolbar user per year.  The major battle these days are all about toolbar distributions as they are such huge gold mines.  You can create a massive online empire like did via (its their secret "toolbar install")   13% of my US traffic has their toolbar installed.   ( bought them)   The lesson here is give away products for free and make hundreds of millions via toolbars.

4. A travel site that lists the top 10 destinations in each city with a breif description about each.  The site would be built on a like structure and focus on finding great vacation spots/ destinations.     Sort of a trip advisor site taken to the next level.

These are just ideas I came up with in a few minutes,  there is so much money out there to be made,  but so few people are really going for it.   I think its time people stop hyping web 2.0 crap and start promoting real ideas that have real business models.

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  1. Money Making Ideas » Easy Money Says:

    […] Take a look at other interesting ideas and his comments on them here: “How to make a lot of money online via adsense” […]

  2. Dex Says:

    Firstly, I think you and the success of your website are truly amazing, and I congratulate you on that. Your insights, although brief, make a lot of sense and they certainly seem more credible to me coming from someone who’s been there and done that.

    I think the trend now is towards sites that are free, simple, that connect, inform and allow plenty of user contribution. The focus is on the user, and users are easily overwhelmed by messy sites with too many things and too many functions. Once an idea goes well with users and traffic is high, making money wouldn’t be difficult at all. I’m sceptical of the web2.0 and ajax hype as well, as I feel some things are better kept simple.

    Your ideas sound feasible… I have several ideas in mind too, but I don’t really know any like-minded individuals to team up with, and I simply don’t have enough technical/business expertise or time to really get anything going. If I quit my phd scholarship, I’ll be deeply in debt. But this is certainly a dream I’ll pursue one day!

  3. Tony Sorpano Says:

    good stuff, been following your convos on IRC too🙂

  4. Richard MacManus Says:

    Thanks for picking a post of mine from Oct 2005 to illustrate your “web 2.0 crap” point :-0

    One question: how many entities or individuals out there are earning “20 million a year plus from adsense”?? I don’t have any stats on that, so would be interested to know.

  5. Dex Says:

    Pardon my ignorance… how does the distributing of toolbars thingie work? I mean what’s the business model?

  6. Cameron Says:

    Stop hyping web 2.0 crap and promote real ideas huh? How are any of your suggestions any different thany anything web 2.0 related? Isn’t digg considered web 2.0, yet half your suggestions are to copy digg, which has now been done 500 times. It’s not as simple as slapping a couple adsense adds on your site. You Tube probably has 50 times that traffic POF does but they don’t seem to be making 20 mil.

  7. Boris Anthony Says:

    Funny, what you are proposing is very “Web 2.0”, namely get rich off of users creating your content flow for you.

    In other words, you set up the water-mill, let them be the river.😉

  8. wealthbuildertip Says:

    Great info. The tool bar idea sounds intresting. Love the travel idea. Would have thought that there will be huge compettion in this area. But think about it there is probably still room to get in.

  9. Kevin Says:

    I see alot of potential in the free Monster clone. Especially if you make it free.

    There is also alot of stuff in the social networking genre. Not neccessarily another MySpace (actually, just plain *not*) but sites that compliment them with functions for users of those sites. Especially if you tap in the ability of users to send messages to all of their friends at once, you can quickly go ‘viral’ if you have a good product.

  10. karl Says:

    What about not getting rich and creating something.

  11. Tom Says:

    What’s wrong with getting rich? You don’t get a top 1000 alexa site without creating something.

  12. Matt Larson Says:

    Right on Tom, You can be useful and rich at the same time – the two usually go hand-in-hand. If a person isn’t comfortable with having money, then take the profits and give them away.

  13. A.H Says:

    But then, even if you have the best idea, and you’re hard working AND you’ve got the content…you can’t do anything without web programming/designig, which costs a lot if you don’t know it yourself.


  14. sivankov Says:

    Adsense doesn’t accept adult sites. Is there a good adult adsense type alternative out there?

  15. Plinkd Social Web Hosting Blog » Advertising not a good business model? Says:

    […] As Markus of PlentofFish put’s it I think its time people stop hyping web 2.0 crap and start promoting real ideas that have real business models. […]

  16. Ehl&Ing Blog » Blog Archive » Adsense Einnahmen beschäftigen die Blogosphäre Says:

    […] Passend dazu finden sich dann im Eint Weblog eine kleine Zusammenfassung wie man 3000 EUR pro Monat mit Google Adsense verdienen kann, und kloeschen berichtet wie er eine 2000% Steigerung seiner Klickrate auf Adsensen erziehlen konnte. Am Ende gibt es hier noch ein paar Tipps wie man auch, natürlich ganz locker, viele Tausend Euro mit Adsense verdienen kann. […]

  17. rockwatching Says:

    Wow, this kind of stuff really gets the blood pumping. Wish I had more technical knowledge, I would be there in a flash. Mick

  18. Brad Says:

    What do you all think of Ruby on Rails? Is that just web 2.0 BS too?


  19. Webmetricsguru Says:

    When I think of some of my SEO clients in the architectural house plans industry – many of them what to grow virally, but they can’t really make a dent because the market is saturated with sites that all look like each other. To make a dent, you have to be first at something, or as Marcus says, buy your way in. But no one in their right mind wants to buy their way into the saturated house plans industry.

    And it’s the same way with many other clients – they all want free traffic, traffic they think Search can bring them, but Markus Frind probably does not worry about Search – he does not need to …people are Searching for his site.

    Man …. I just wish I could harness all these ideas like Marcus Frind has! 10K a day for two hours of work….that’s phenomenal, and probably done on a relative shoestring.

  20. Delroy Frazer Says:

    How about an adult social networking site, how can one make money from that, of course, it would use the same FREE membership route. Look what they are doing over at

  21. Andrew Hunter Says:

    Where does Markus hang out on IRC?

  22. George Ouimet Says:

    Marcus, I met you at a mutual friends birthday party and I work with Martin. Glad to see someone has finally cracked the web wide open! Nice work! If your feeling bored, send me some feedback on my site, err.. maybe the best way to make the most $$ out of it. I just launched it a few weeks ago. Anyhow, take care! Great stuff!

  23. Stephen Says:

    The problem with #3 is that google does not allow people to use adsense for search with custom toolbars. Though, I suppose that if you commanded enough traffic something could be worked out…

  24. Ehl&Ing Blog » Blog Archive » Der Made for Adsense (MFA) Trend Says:

    […] Die Idee hinter diesen Portalen ist einfach: es wird ein bestehendes Angebot nachgebildet und kostenlos angeboten. Finanziert wird das ganze im Erfolgsfall dann durch die Google Adsense Anzeigen. Besonders gut eignen sich dafür Anzeigenportale. Einige Ideen für weitere Portale hat Markus Frind zusammen gefasst. […]

  25. Junnel Animo Says:

    I’m learning something new on this site. I think ‘adsense’ will be very exciting. I think its about time for me to use adsense..

  26. Richard Says:

    Markus, thanks so much for your blog posts. Really great stuff. Much appreciated out here!

  27. Dan Says:

    Great story!

    BTW – what software are you running?

    Did you code it yourself?


  28. yolanda mkonto Says:

    id really love to join the blogging activity but im just not sure how it works please give me a method of how it really love to make money

  29. hoshea cordowin Says:

    how can i make money on the internet?

  30. Rob Howard's Blog : Jobster runs out of ideas... so now they are free Says:

    […] claiming to compete with it’s a pittance. I don’t want to detract from what Markus has done, but my question would be how do you scale this business? More eyeballs and ad-clicks? PlentyOfFish […]

  31. » Blog Archive » David and Google Says:

    […] motivation, please read the Plenty of fish story. In his blog, Markus, the CEO of Plenty of fish mentions some ideas which are still not found on the […]

  32. Shaun Morgan Says:

    Doing something REALLY new and original online has become near impossible. I’ve experimented with adult sites, tech sites, matchmaking sites, pretty graphics sites in flash, and ugly sites. I taught myself html, xhtml, php, javascript, some C and c++, flash, and CSS. I have tried white hat and black hat techniques. I have tried about everything that can be found on the internet about how to build a big money making site. Despite this, I never made any big millions. I quit messing with sites back around 2002, when I shut down my last adult site and Ebay stores. I was plain disgusted with trying to barely break even.

    Hat’s off to people like Markus, who really made it. I often wonder though if there is not more to it than meets the eye. I don’t know much about the man. I suppose he must either be a marketing Wizard, or know some one (or organization of people) who is. Judging from the sh&*T they sell on TV late at night, I suspect you could sell some dumb!@# his own soul if you could buy the advertising!

    But… Like everyone else who sets out to make money online, I still cling to that hope that I’ll eventually stumble across something that will make money. I might be happy just to make a living at it! One thing is for sure though — You can write Code till you choke. If you can’t market it will never make a difference.

    The internet and having your own internet money machine is portrayed as a place with endless amounts of money just waiting to stream into your pockets. The fact is that the money is really going mostly to the people who are telling you this. Who are those people? Those people are Google, Yahoo, MSN, and many other big-time companies who were either conceived with the internet or had deep pockets and rich ties. The internet folks, is not this unsettled wilderness just awaiting some pioneer to come along and stake a claim. It is much more like a Kingdom with Landlords, and the Dukes are who REALLY stand to benefit. Nevertheless, stories like Markus Frind, keep people hanging on. I have once more come back to the internet to try and make a few dollars. Damndest thing is though, I had this brain fart about starting a FREE dating site, only to find out that Markus has already done it. That shows you how out of the loop I was. I put the site up any way, crossed my fingers, and maybe, I’ll manage to break even on hosting costs soon. Oh well, beats the hell out of gambling on the lottery, I guess. That’s just my take on it.

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    I created this site ( ) , but first, ofcourse i did a lot of research, found that the topic is of low competition but high in demand. I managed to get lots of traffic from MSN, , yahoo, and from referrals. But true to what gurus say that NO MATTER HOW OPTIMIZED AND WELL-DESIGNED YOUR SITE IS, YOU WILL NOT EARN MUCH FROM GOOGLE WHEN YOUR TOPIC GETS LOW-PAYING KEYWORDS FROM ADSENSE. So now another thing i learned is to get even more traffic than the usual traffic i get in order to earn big from my low-paying keywords topic.😦

  34. honest andy Says:


    are then specific niches you would consider for a newbie to start with?

  35. Himagain Says:

    Well, I can hardly believe how quiet it is here…… a place where Markus sets the pace????
    Anybody who does what he has done (on and off the Net) is sure worth listening to with a lot of respect.
    Not only been there done that – is still DOING IT!

    Markus, if you do keep an eye on this blog of yours, I would like to here more of your opinions philosophically, financially and fun. ( I do think you must have one helluva sense of humour)
    Sock it to ’em!

  36. Paul Says:

    I’m wondering which guru is going to come out with the all new web 3.0 tactics first, lol Right now they are all cross promoting the “Google Assassin” program trying to get a sale from their bonuses they each offer. It looks and sounds good so if someone out there has purchased into this one we would all like to know how it works out. A no hype zone but honest informative communication would be nice.

  37. JStowe Says:

    Wow! I love this post. I am learning the huge money any individual can get from adsense.

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    this is new way for me to monetize my adsense account and get big check. Thanks for the idea.

  39. Audio Pays Says:

    Adsense is good if you have a good niche that pays well or you have heavy traffic because with a $0.05 per click on very low traffic will not put food on the table.

    But there are alternatives like Adbrite, Kontera, etc.

    Even audio pays well too.

  40. Hafiz Dhanani Says:

    Good points there. About the search bar making money idea, Agloco tried that. They’re a company that pays members to surf the web and they make the money from when members use the search bar. Unfortunately I got an email saying that they are shutting down because they can’t sustain themselves. Wah!

    I’m gonna try and make money with a blog instead.

  41. Richard Says:

    Well you certainly hit the nail on the head. People need to see refreshing and easy to browse websites instead of frilly fancy looking ones. I started mine late in 2007 and many people have said to me what a refreshing change it is.
    I have only really starting marketing it properly in January but reckon in a years time should be pretty well rated all round. Hope so anyway.

  42. Craig Says:

    There is surely lots of money to be made on Adsense. and I used to really make it work but suffered from the google slap and now I like the new system on ebay revealed in David Fransko’s new book. You can get a free 30 minute audio from where he explains the overview of how this works his tips and tricks are long overdue and completely in compliance with ebay terms. Check it out I hope you like it. Multiple streams work well in case one drys up its nice to have more. Thanks Craig

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  53. Profithoundpro Says:

    Adsense is a dieing trend these days, however if your site is SEO’ed and you can generate enough traffic you can make some money with adsesne. I think it would be better to have many sites with adsense on them each making $5.00 a piece do the math 50 sites x $5.00 = 250$.

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