How I started A Dating Empire

Back in 2001 after my birthday someone in the office introduced me to online dating sites.  I went back to my desk and checked out and and lavalife/web personals.    I was bored and I wanted to chat with people.  I was really annoyed when I found out you had to pay for everything, I ended up telling the girl who introduced me to the sites that I could do better and make them for free, so I went and registered    All I ever ended up doing was creating an index page and forgot about it.

Fast forward to 2003,  I had been jumping jobs every couple of months from one sinking ship to another.   I had just joined a new company with 30 employees on Dec 1st of 2002, by the time Feb rolled around 15 people had already been laid off and I started to worry.  I started thinking about finishing my site and learning at the same time and I wondered why people didn’t come rushing to join.   I quickly started building my site and actually made it somewhat functional although most pages where in asp, others in  Somehow I ran across this site,  once there I was introduced to the concept of SEO, boy did that open my eyes.  I started exchanging links with everyone and anyone and finally got a bit of traffic.  Then I sat back and waited for the famous google dance, the once a month update.   At the start of March google updated and I got pagerank,  but still not much traffic and I made my first post here asking for help.

At the start of March I had ~40 members my site was running off my home machine,  people where complaining I didn’t allow image uploading  so by mid march I had added image uploading.  You can see how absolutely horrible the site looked here.    By the end of March my site went viral and started growing 2 to 5% a day and it was off to the races from there.  I was still developing on the live site/home machine and I always prayed nothing would crash.

Then at the end of June Adsense came out up until then I had no real way of monetizing my site.  I had a single affiliate program but it didn’t even make $40/month.  I went and  added Adsense pretty quick,  I made a whole $5.63 cents my first month, but that was more then enough for me to realize that I wouldn't go broke running the site and I could make a business out of this with enough traffic.  In my evenings I started working really hard on my site learning trying to convert my hastily put together asp pages to and trying to add more pages/functionality.  I was doing the Beta thing before it was cool.   I was updating/building the live site every couple of minutes,  if the site crashed I didn’t really care, only took a few seconds to fix it.

I once again complained in my thread about my sites lack of SEO results it was September of 2003,  I had 10k signups now and only a ~100 visitors a day from google and other 2,000 unique visitors a day from who knows where.    By the time October rolled around my site was rolling,  I quit my job at the start of the month and FINALLY went and bought a little server and moved my site to a hosting provider at the end of October.  Still can’t believe I ran my site off my home computer for the first 8 months

My short description leaves a lot out,  but basically I spent every waking minute when I wasn't at my day job reading, studying, and learning.  I picked out "enemies" and did everything I could to defeat them which ment being bigger then them.   I refused to accept defeat of any kind, and I constantly forced myself to test new things.  I never tried to perfect anything it didn't matter if things didn't work 100% as long as it was good enough I would move onto the next thing.  In 2003 the dating market was growing 80% a year unlike the -10% in 2006 so growth was a LOT easier.  When 2004 rolled around and word of mouth REALLY kicked in and as they say the rest is history.

I look back now at how ill prepared I was,  I didn't know anything about SEO, Advertising, community and  I didn't even know what Venture Capital was.  Just goes to show you anyone can do anything. 

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  1. Chris Wants to Learn! Says:

    Definetly a great empire it is. I remember when I came across your site in 03′, back when folks like supposedly had over 7 million members. What ever happend to those guys? They had,, etc… I guess MySpace picked up where they slacked off.

    Kudos Markus!

    • Says:

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  2. Delroy Frazer Says:

    Yes, very encouraging story. Funny, I had this site from around 2003 – and , but for some reasons, I slocked off —I am going to take up CEO -God, its just a lot of reading. I wonder what the MySpace story is like…

  3. Roger Says:

    Fantastic… I am sure you look back on it with such joy!

  4. Rob Mayhew Says:

    Markus I find your story to be inspiring, more people should read this. I’ve worked in the software industry for years and everyone talks about doing what you do, but only a handful of people really try, and even fewer keep at it long enough to succeed.

    There is just so much bulls@#t out there when it comes to making it on your own. It’s refreshing to hear your story.

  5. John Webster Says:

    I love the blog and your story – fun to read and I’m sure to tell. We are trying to get there:

  6. razib Says:

    yes good preparation means the work is half done. However, nice work!! It is not just your problem. Many people face this problem and they end up leading a messy life. I wish you best of luck.

  7. Stevux Says:

    Great ideas Marcus, I just started reading this blog and you have some really good clear points in your posts. Please keep it up🙂

  8. Carl Saling Says:

    Great inspiring story! I love seeing people succeed so well. It makes me even more motivated to make even more money then that.

    My site is about credit repair not dating but what you have accomplished pertains to any category. I hope you get to a million dollars a month!

  9. Tom Says:

    This is a great story, I like it!!!

    Motivated people will win…

  10. Adeolu Akinyemi Says:

    I like this story and the approach.

    Fastforward to 2006 and it’s like i’m where you were in 2003. I need help on what to do to improve my traffic…like a 10 tips thing i can follow religiously without using too many bytes in my brain…if possible.

    I’m currently experiening 100+ visitors per day, and 700page views on google…I’m 3 months old, and want to go viral…can you help me.

  11. paowiee Says:

    very inspiring story markus … the power is in the word of mouth!🙂

    more power to you!

  12. kenny Says:

    great story. i love reading these, it makes me want to learn more PHP and continue working on my sites.
    I currently have a World of Warcraft guild forum I host for some friends of mine, and it’s pulling in between 500-2000 page impressions per day according to google. i’ve made a small chunk of money.. but not enough for a check to get mailed to me yet !🙂

  13. dan Says:

    When you say you picked your enemies, did u mean the other dating sites out there that were charging the monthly fees?

  14. Markus Says:

    When I started there were thousands of free dating sites always have been. Many of them were around for years and years. Matchdoctor, spark, okcupid, bookofmatches, jumpdates etc etc

  15. edz1624 Says:

    Yeah! Dating sites was a good business but it isn’t just about business its more on the essence of helping so many people meet each other in a more technological way. One site help me find my fiancee and I’m proud to say webdatedotcom for it really bridged me to her.

  16. waarneming en verandering » How I started A Dating Empire Says:

    […] Markus Frind wrote an entertaining post about how he started a dating empire: “[…] Back in 2001 after my birthday someone in the office introduced me to online dating sites. I went back to my desk and checked out and and lavalife/web personals. I was bored and I wanted to chat with people. I was really annoyed when I found out you had to pay for everything, I ended up telling the girl who introduced me to the sites that I could do better and make them for free, so I went and registered All I ever ended up doing was creating an index page and forgot about it.[…]”. Then continue reading some of his other posts like Competitive Intelligence and Counter Intelligence to get to know more about his ideas on how you influence the Internet community as a whole – of course in order to build your own. […]

  17. diannelone Says:

    More than just a good business, I would say, dating sites have helped many people to find true love. It has became a channel of interracial relationships and has opened the idea of dating globally. I became a fan of a popular dating site, webdatedotcom. Here I learned different cultures through talking to people all over the world.

  18. Trent Says:

    I think the moral of this story is that there is no such thing as an overnight success. Sites take lots of hard work and time to build and promote. Until you’ve done it yourself, you have no idea how much energy it requires.

  19. John Webster Says:


    What do you think of the site MatchDoctor, it’s entirely free, right?

  20. dhaval : Says:

    well, idea was unique,good inspiring story,keep it up

  21. jess remoto Says:

    hi markus,
    Well i am trying roaming around the net for quite sometimes exploring the value of earning. As a new kid in the net i find your story so vey interesting and encouring. Become rich is not just like a click of a finger hope to hear from u.


  22. Jason Says:

    I started and it was mildly successful, but my programmers couldn’t keep the site up & I wasn’t making enough at the time to hire local one’s.
    I hate thinking about this. I think I had close to 20k in members. The first site I launched was

  23. Gary Kelly Says:

    Outstanding job Markus.

    I have also managed to get a copy of a Google AdSense check for True, Yahoo Personals, Match and eHarmony. I broke this exclusive story not long ago on my blog.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    How I Started a Dating Empire

    Markus Frind started his own free online dating site, run entirely by himself, and now he is the single most paid Adsence publisher in Canada. In this post he details how he accomplished what he did to do so well. Very interesting.

  25. Tom Kane Says:

    Thanks for this, Markus! My site ( is six months old and I’m working hard to build traffic. This kind of story pushes me further in the right direction, and I appreciate it.

    Congratulations on your check!

  26. Adsense 20/20 Says:

    Google Adsense Success Story – Marcus Frind –

    Markus Frind has a free dating site called and he posted his check for 901,733,84 Canadian dollars.

    What is his story? Well, it all started in 2001 when he first saw online dating sites. He didn’t like the lack services that w…

  27. Dipo Tepede Says:

    It’s too beautiful to have a signpost to follow; it makes me know how possible it is. I am into thought-provoking blog/job-seekers resource site and it is not doing badly for 1 month baby.

    I believe I will be counting a million US dollar on my project at the end of one year.

    Thanx for sharing.

  28. Salil Chandra Says:

    Great story. But you left out the most important part. What the heck do you have for breakfast!!!!🙂.

    Gluck with your venture.


  29. PreZ Says:

    Your story is amazing Markus I hope to one day create something like this and i know it takes tons of hardwork and perseverance. Congrats

  30. Beachbum Says:

    Thanks for sharing.

  31. » Blog Archive » Who we are - the story behind us and our inspiration for creating Plenty of Tee Times Says:

    […] In a world where ‘web 2.0′ companies like Digg is way overvalued at $200M and companies like Plenty of Fish are raking in the cash and kicking butt with only one employee, we wanted to thank all the golfers who have given us feedback thus far on our service as well as praise Markus for his inspiration. While we are no where near as big as Plenty of Fish, Markus was our inspiration of finally building out our golf tee time web portal. When we read about his amazing story, and what he has accomplished thus far, we were floored to think just a guy or two could accomplish this. To see the results from the hard work Markus endured and persevered in the early days is truly and inspirational story. […]

  32. Andrey Says:

    Why name – not for example ?

  33. Addies Says:

    I love the way you delivered the story, I wish if I can have a chance to personally talk to you, THanks ALot! – WiSh yOu BeSt Of lUcK!

  34. Pavilion Says:


  35. BSG Says:

    What a wonderful story! Its this kind of post that gets me motivated, keeps me up late at night and gets me up early in the morning. Excellent job.

    My favorite part was when he wrote about spending every waking minute that he was not at work, just learning, and working on the site. Thats the kind of thing that makes people successful.

  36. Rob @ Says:

    Inspiring story. You hit at a great time 2003-2004 were the first wave of internet dating. I believe another one is on its way as the younger generations come to age. Great idea on the free model!

    Rob @

  37. Fran Perr Says:

    I just came across your site while taking a break from finishing my own site at: Feel free to check it out for ideas on credit and credit repair or fixing bad credit.
    Looks like theres some good posts and info here too, I’ll check back in here again and look forward to sharing.

  38. US Beacon Says:

    Thanks for the article Markus. Very inspiring!!

  39. Mike Says:

    Interesting article Markus and thanks for sharing. My site isn’t a membership type of site. It’s mostly health related news and products. Do you know of a “simple” way to increase traffic to this kind of site. If anyone has any suggestions (please be nice) don’t hesitate to let me know

    Thanks and good luck to all of you.

  40. pavel Says:

    You sound like you were a very beginner back those days and it is great what have you achieved so far. What astonished me was the traffic and interest you gained for such a visually gross site – the inside must be something special. Keep going;-)

  41. rulman Says:

    believe another one is on its way as the younger generations come to age. Great idea on the free model!

  42. hikaye Says:

    its wonderfull

  43. jesus Says:

    Every time ssomebody succeeds, a little part of me dies

  44. Zoltan Says:

    Yes, Markus did a great job. Just one more comment: I believe you are where you are because you are a brilliant self-marketer.

  45. Peter Best Says:

    Quite impressive to say the least. I know the feeling.Let’s chat some time…

    All my best,


  46. Shashank Says:

    great read…wonderful

  47. OnBeingParents Says:


    What skills does someone need in addition to to build a site similar to your. Thanks

  48. Xela Says:

    Mdaaaaaaaa! That’s quite a story by Markus.
    I remember when people were laughing at your idea at the online dating conference in Florida. Was it 2004 or 2005? I don’t remember now.
    But for followers, I’d like to notice, how stamina and luck come along to create a success which people will be analyzing for years to come.
    As a matter of fact, the idea to create a free dating site was totally stupid by 2003 when last traces of “free” ISP’s have just vanished. Now let’s counts IF’s:
    – if Google didn’t come up with AdSense or made it 1 year earlier or later
    – if the Markus’s employer of 2002 stayed afloat longer
    – if appeared later, just 1 year
    – if that girl didn’t introduce udate & to Markus
    – if he wasn’t feeling lonely at that very moment or had guts to visit the nearest pub and talk to girls
    – if, if, if….. you name it.

    If only ANY of these hadn’t worked out, the name of our hero wouldov been different. Somebody else would have celebrated a success.

    So, Markus, enjoy! I’m sincerely happy for you.

  49. Smibs Grow Smart Weblog Says:

    Start in Canada with no budget and no business plan… and make millions.

    What I first found on Guy’s blog seems to be to good to be true. Start a business with no business model, no capital and no real plan and make millions – sounds like a spoof, doesn’t it? Well, the Canadian Markus Frind did it with his free …

  50. Xela Says:

    Frankly, I hate when people quote article, like it’s a Bible. Nonetheless, there is one important sentence that attracted my attention.

    “Then at the end of June Adsense came out up until then I had no real way of monetizing my site. I had a single affiliate program but it didn’t even make $40/month.”

    It confirms what I stressed before. Markus was developing the site just as an exercise and to kill some time. People who weren’t socially awkward would certainly hang out with friends instead.
    He had no clue how it may work or generate some $$$. 7-year old kids selling lemonade at the street stand would have more knowledge about business than Markus at that time.
    So from this prospectives, Markus just won a lottery. It was a pure luck. Nothing more.
    But… what he did very well was learning and studying. He learned, AdSense, affiliate business, SEO and many other things. Good for him!

    Is his experience possible to reproduce or repeat and what it would take?
    Absolutely! It takes nothing more but to be at the right time at the right place. Can you figure it out? Absolutely, no!

    All the lottery winners think they are extraordinary smart. As a matter of fact, they are not. Ask yourself what you would think about a person who is doing something without a slightest understanding how money is to be made. Is the person smart? The person is a clinical idiot.
    If the person won a lottery the very next day. Will it make him/her smart? Well….

  51. richard Says:


    I do not understand why you say that Markus was lucky and that he won the lottery.

    He started a business that provided a solution for people: singles that wanted to meet other singles but did not want to pay money for each and every website!

    Should this not be the start of every businessplan. You are right that 1 out of every 10 businesses survives the first 5-10 years, but does that make all of these ‘survivors’ … lottery-winners?

    I do not think so!


  52. vepa Says:

    I don’t think what Markus did is a luck. He took action not knowing how to code ASP and filling the need for free dating website. And there are plenty of people who knew and still know how to build website but they don’t o it. They prefer to work for someone and earn regular salary. It is a investment of efford and that is what Markus did. It is lazyness of all other people that didn’t take action and prefer laying on the sofa wathing TV.

    Great stosy Markus, I really like your honesty and story. Great plan🙂

  53. normlthinker Says:

    Clearly an inspiration from my site. The not everything is perfect concept seemed to work. Thanks for sharing.

  54. Al Ramirez Says:

    Amazing stranger than fiction storyline… should try to sell the movie rights.

  55. Software Projects Says:

    Markus, You are an inspiration to all of us.

    It’s amazing how far along you’ve come. Interesting to note you did it all by –
    #1. Focusing on giving users what they want
    #2. Creating a strong viral factor from day one (unlike the other sites, “it’s free”)
    #3. Relentless, unstoppable desire for ongoing never ending improvement.

  56. Debbie Says:

    If anyone’s interested in making $25,000 per month, please go to the website and sign up for your very own internet travel agency. YES, you, too, can make six figures and become successful as Markus did — only on a smaller scale. I’ll take making $250,000 a year any day versus working a 9-5 job making very little money. Check it out people — be your own success story too — like Markus did. You can live your dreams too!!!

  57. jc-cel Says:

    This is a very inspiring story. I don’t believe in luck, I believe in God, his son Jesus, but I think Markus just simply made the right move at the right time. I’m happy for him and his success. Anyone can make the right move at the right time in any other venture. It’s fine to have worldly riches while we are alive. But you know what riches truly matters, spiritual riches which last forever, be rich in God.

  58. leeeeee Says:

    Totally inspiring, adsense and affiliate schemes have changed the way a lot of sites do business. It now means that charging monthly premiums is not always necessary as revenue can now be made via other means. this is a real plus to the consumer and of course the offer of a free service is always sure to generate more traffic, this is something I am now considering doing on my site

  59. MJS Says:

    Can you help? Was in contact with other member, was to meet, sent an email that was likely viewed as a brush off, he abruptly deleted acct. Is there anyway to retrieve his email account (username: Findout90 of Edison, NJ) so that I may contact him – even if indirectly through you. feeling sad about this. Have screened MANY, MANY folks & he was a decent sort.

  60. Scott Harris Says:

    I’m a reporter iat the San Jose Mercury News nterested in talking to Markus. Please drop me a note or call me at 408-920-2704.
    ‘Scott Harris

  61. ZioZoiZ Says:

    This is a Very Great and Inspiring Story

    Thanks alot markus.

    Keep it on…

  62. rulman Says:

    nice and very useful collections.

  63. Ed Says:

    Thanks for sharing your story. It just shows us all that if you’re persistent enough and belive in your product you can be successful
    with this internet marketing thing.


  64. Jenny Says:

    Very nice and thanks for sharing your story. I know you put lots of diligent work into your site to make it as successful as that.
    Thanks again.

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  66. Stephen Says:

    Interesting and informative

  67. jeff feldman Says:

    your website needs tac help won’t allow logons. No cookies inabled and when i punch in my e-mail address it states can’t be found miracleman4700 code sylere14 its now gonna take a computer expert. other than that a really cool site for a day online hope to meet a naughty chick there.

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    […] But instead of telling you what he did, I think you should read his own words of how he did it. […]

  69. sexy Says:

    -really dont know how he got that no. of members in that time
    -i see you try to make your site look same but better
    -its full of errors and bad scripting open to attackers
    -markus fish just started to jump on alexa
    -how do you markus block alexa users or block any users and get hidden on the net and at same time get more members
    -markus made the best website promotion for his fish he will still be getting members every second till every one stop talking about biggest dating site that earns big money wich is imposible

  70. Mary Says:

    I knew Frind in a fantastic dabate called “No plan, no capital, no model…no problem”. I think everybody shoul see this.

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    […] How I started A Dating Empire […]

  72. ZioZoiZ programmi gratis Says:

    I’m trying to create something big as marcus did with his web site. But now I am getting to know how hard things were for him.

  73. Dating Service Free Forever Says:

    This is a very good English site:

  74. Anthony Says:

    Markus is so right (“picke out “enemies”) this is what keeps me going

  75. Jason Says:

    I just started this dating site. Only have three members. I am at the bottom of the ladder, only way is up! I plan on doing alot of advertising right here in my own city first, then work my way up from there. Will be changing the domain name I think, in the next few days here.

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  78. vmg Says:

    i dont know whats up with plentyoffish. I had success and wanted to log back in but it keeps deleting me and im so sad! I did nothing swear words, I did everything right and he wont respond to my emails as to why i keep getting deleted!

  79. SC Says:

    Encouraging story for all the web capitalists out there.

  80. Carlos A. Vidal Says:

    HI Markus, I have no idea on making a web-site, I don’t even know the terms you guys use , but I have an idea of a dating site. How or were can I find someone that could make that idea reality?

  81. farrah Says:

    What a very nice story u have here,,its so inspiring and very encouraging..

  82. cdnsingles Says:

    I hope to be as succesful as you Marcus! I started mine ( as a pay site back in april, but after reading this, will change it to free forever.

  83. malibufire Says:

    I would have contacted you directly through POF, but there is no way to leave you an e mail. Why do you have a picture of a scantily-dressed woman listed as a “virtual gift” to be redeemed with points on your site? It is in very bad taste, and leaves the impression you think women are toys. Please take it down.

  84. james deen Says:

    Now that is an inspirational story. I remember when was little too and had no traffic. Its cool to see a site grow.

  85. Adam Says:

    Watched & enjoyed the panel discussion at Churchill Club. Thanks so much for sharing!

  86. CC Says:

    Very nice article. There was also a local news story about POF that was very inspiring for me. I have built several sites over the years and wish I had the foresight to see the revenue potential several years ago. POF, as well as other dating sites, is listed in

  87. Diane Says:

    Marcus – we would love to do a phone interview with you for our Daily News segment.

  88. Chris Crowell Says:

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    Hi markus,

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    Markus is so right (”pick out “enemies”) this is what keeps me going

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    Markus, thank you for sharing the story. It is very inspiring and motivating for any internet marketers.

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    yeah i am loving this article really gives and insight on how to move forward with any web project. Our site is trying to do the same so hopefully we can learn from the bigger sites and become a major player at some point.

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    This story tells us all that, one has to be really focus to obtain great results.

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    but its a blog and we’re just using the c-bar…lol
    by the way its

  98. Matt Says:

    Very inspiring story, I really like how you kept going until you succeeded. I can’t wait untilmy business hits the peak of its success.

  99. Frank Says:

    Every time I read about you I’m in awe. I wish I was as talented and blessed as you to create something from scratch as you did instead of using others software. But hey, I do not have your background, I’m just a retired plumber internet wanna be. I hope you make millions of more dollars!

  100. frank Says:

    i can just be without words

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    I read the similar article somewhere but every time I read, I am impressed about Mr. Markus. He is so smart.
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    In my case, I started a dating site back in 1999 (check in wayback machine). It really went viral.

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    Thanks Marcus for sharing your story.

    BTW, have you been able to determine your demographics with regard to age?

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