Appearing on the Shoemoney Show.

I'll be appearing with the king of linkbaiting :)  Shoemoney on his show net income on June 27th.  Users can call in and ask questions etc.

I'll preempt the most common question asked here.  How do I start a dating site, how do I make it successful etc.

If you are starting a dating site now you have no chance.  Currently, eharmony, yahoo and lavalife are spending between 5-10 million a month which effectively drowns out everyone elses advertising message.  When I started my site the industry was growing at 80% a year,  the industry has declined over 20% in the last year in terms of traffic and is on course to do even more this year.   Publically traded companies like are losing 20% of their paying membership per quarter.   Myspace is killing the dating industry.   Free dating sites are going to try and morph into social networks, to try and get away from having a 30% turn over in the membership on the monthly basis and paid dating sites will go out of business's and some will specialize like 

22 Responses to “Appearing on the Shoemoney Show.”

  1. Tom Says:


    So what is next in internet based on your vision?


  2. Hermann Klinke Says:

    Hi Markus, what do you think about starting dating sites in specific countries, say for example Germany? Do they also have no chance?

  3. mrrbob Says:

    I have always thought regional sites driven (and owned) by local radio would work out great. That would go for other types of sites besides dating too. Obviously these sites would need a different revenue model then your site but if promoted by a company who had the means to drive them via the constant use of premium and/or unsold on-air ad space they may work out. This could also be tied in with local restaurant/pub promotions etc. I think an example of this would be craigslist. Although not specifically a dating site nor driven via radio I do think it proves the regional concept pretty well. As I said driving these sites via radio would I think be the key. I think small local radio will eventually figure out they have the power to own local web based promotion once they grasp how it could work. A select few are slowly catching on now but most are owned by old dog types who consider computers and the internet a necessary evil not something to cross promote their local stations with. When they really start to “get it” look out! I own 2 dating sites nether of them have been really started yet. One big problem with most dating sites as you know is they just suck. Very hard to use. They key (as you found out) is to simplify operations so they can be easily browsed. One of these sites I own will compete nationally via a means I wish not to disclose yet. Another of them I will attempt to promote locally with the bars pubs and local restaurants. If everyone sees the promotions every time they enter a local bar pub or restaurant then they will start to use the site. I will promote local events at the establishments who participate and all will because after all it will be free for them and why would they want to be left out in the cold when every other place in town is in on it and enjoying the free online promotion? I will try to call in when you are on the Shoemoney show. I would like to hear what you and shoe think about the idea. I have a few other angles to bounce off of you guys so talk to you then.

  4. stevux Says:

    I believe most developed countries have predominent sites for networking and dating. There are only a few players however in places like eastern europe, scandinavia, south america, central asia, etc…. American market is way oversaturated. The internet needs to be a more social marketplace rather than a marketplace and a bunch of social sites.

  5. Chris Wants to Learn! Says:

    Nice. I will definetly be listening in on that one!

    Shoemoney has a great show over there.

    Thanks for giving us that opportunity Markus.

  6. Dean Says:

    I’m enjoying reading your story and learning about your success.

    It sounds like you may be interested in selling your site.

  7. Gopi Says:

    Markus, its good to see you guys are in good terms now🙂

  8. Johncy Says:

    Nice blog

  9. norwy Says:

    i run a dating site in norway, it’s impossible even in this country. if you don’t have big bucks, then just don’t waste your time on this (actually, I’m joking about the impossibilities, just like marcus, it’s possible, but we don’t want competitors..)

  10. John Mennis Says:

    are comment restricted here?

  11. Jack Stram Says:

    Are comments restricted on this blog? Thanks

  12. US Beacon Says:

    Amazing, Myspace is so heavy-duty on the browser, crashing all the time….. what about a myspace-lite version??

  13. American People Says:

    Your site sure got some useful information!

  14. david Says:

    I follwed ths steps of social sites and a little dating site. and its true my social site was by far easier to grow then the dating site. dating does ahve alot of searches vs social networking but the way it works makes it grow. I have to agree with markus about social site killing online dating. Social sites will evlove into the the webs new portals while more niche related sites will appear.

    My sites🙂

  15. John Says:

    Leave to it Ms Lohan

  16. Best Shopping Website Says:

    Thanks for sharing this information. Really is pack with new knowledge. Keep them coming.

  17. kapster Says:

    I dissagree with this quote “If you are starting a dating site now you have no chance”
    I thinks theres ways off advertising that can be free or very low in cost, the main thing for new dating websites is that you have to be patient , thats no a strong point of mine lol You make a site thats a great place to visit , recommend it to a friend , that friend tells 3 other friends and there you go , i have found that the best way to advertise is by word of mouth .


  18. Julie Says:

    Your story is very inspirational and you have done a good job on your site and getting members AND making a living out of it. Congratulations! Its a fabulous success story. However, I too disagree that no other dating sites have a chance. My site has been open for 4 weeks and has over 350 members and is still growing! Word of mouth and I found that interacting with our members makes it that little bit nicer for them. All 100% free, never pay a cent and our members love it there!
    Although our site is still in its infancy, I see great things coming from it.
    Your success story is very inspirational and proves that anything is possible if you are results driven and determined. Theres always more room for anyone who adopts this attitude, no matter how saturated the internet is with dating sites.

  19. neilmoon Says:

    find nice interesting site –

  20. Kontradiction Says:

    I agree with the above posters that dating and social sites still work. Indeed, nothing new under the sun, yadda yadda, but however….word of mouth is potent.

    That’s how you yourself got up and running, my friend. Don’t think it cannot be done in the 2.0 webscape.

  21. wijaya valentino Says:

    very very good site, i like it. Your story is very inspirational and you have done a good job on your site. Congratulations! Its a great success story.

  22. Vinç Kiralama Says:

    Hi Markus, what do you think about starting dating sites in specific countries, say for example Germany? Do they also have no chance?

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