Advertising networks love comscore.

Seems every advertising network under the sun has tried to get in contact with me in the last few weeks.   Since I unblocked comscore from tracking my site I’ve gone from 20 million pageviews a month in March to 201 million for the month of May in the US Market according to the Advertising networks contacting me.  In terms of pageviews on a single site that puts me in 3rd place behind yahoo and  If I throw in my largest market which is Canada I am #1 north america wide according to comscore or pretty close to it.

So since my pageviews have skyrocketed in comscore, my CPM sales via adsense have gone way up.  This is because a lot of media people use the comscore numbers as a bible.   Now if only adwords would allow advertisers to start bidding on specific adsense publisher channels I could make a lot more.

 So whats the moral of the story?  If you want to make money from advertising online you need to rank high on comscore, and if you want places to advertise you subscribe to their data like the other lemmings🙂

9 Responses to “Advertising networks love comscore.”

  1. joeduck Says:

    Markus! Why haven’t I been reading your blog every day? Brilliant stuff and will pay attention effective immediately.

  2. Giles Says:

    Surely you have tried affiliate programs. I thought you said you tried out Adult Friend Finder when you were interviewed by (my namesake) Richard Giles.

    Ever consider Azoogle ads, Comission Junction or selling ads direct.

  3. Markus Says:

    affiliate programs are not very good when you have a lot of repeat traffic.

    You need to constant rotate the ads, and affiliate networks just don’t have enough offers

  4. Rehan Says:

    Markus, what effect do you think Google’s rumored upcoming introduction of cost-per-click ads (which are basically affiliate links) have on ad revenue on a site like yours? I’m guessing that some of the larger advertisers would want to move to primarily CPA advertising for various reasons…and if affiliate programs are not very good for a site with a lot of repeat traffic, perhaps that could have a significant impact.

  5. Markus Says:

    I use javascript to record over 1,300 unique advertisers per day getting clicks via adsense on my site. I have yet to find any affiliate network that has more then 10 advertisers for stuff in Canada.

    CPA will be tricky, the large advertisers will not use it as they don’t want to share conversion data with google, the smaller advertisers will use it and they will have less conversion. I don’t think there will be that much of a difference, google already has a system in place called smart pricing which attempts to guess CPA.

  6. Rehan Says:

    Good point about the privacy concern. I suppose Google is reaching more for the smaller businesses with Google Checkout and CPA ads, which some people expect to be tightly integrated.

    (And thanks for interpreting my “cost-per-click” typo correctly as “cost-per-action”.🙂 )

  7. Josh Says:

    Fantastic news on the page views Markus. It is great to see you doing well from such a customer focused initiative. Some of the other big boys should take a step back and realise the fundamental requirement for providing customers with value and giving them what they want, having a competitive edge and being able to indirectly generate income in the process will always be valuable.

  8. Richard Says:

    What a truly eye opening blog.


  9. Josefina Imam Says:

    Well, that is certainly fine, however how about additional choices we have here? Would you mind crafting a further article about them too? Cheers!

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