Building Community.

Today I put out a press release talking about how members of one of my communities banded together and set up a speed dating event to claim a Guinness record.

Over 3,000 singles have pre registered to attendthis massive speed dating event in a town of only 150,000 people.  The event will be televised live and the news media will be all over the place.  Cupid which is the only other dating site with an events network and it tried to set a record last year.  They tried to get 3,000 people to attend speed dating events at 150 different venues around north America.

 Its hard to believe that my events network has grown into such a massive network.   Users create hundreds of events all around the world and they are being attended by anywhere from 10 people to thousands of people.

Newer sites like matchtag and its clone are attempting to do something similar but they face a very up hill battle.   I am also curious on how matchactivity plans to patent matchmaking based on activities like kayaking, sailing etc as this is something has been doing for years?

14 Responses to “Building Community.”

  1. Zack Says:

    Regarding the patent, as long as you can demonstrate “prior art” – ie records of you doing it for 1-yr or more prior to them filing, they are out of luck.

    I think beyond that point it’s really interesting to see a dating site attempt to safeguard their user base through patents. As you well know, oh master-of-fish, the value in these sites is the user base and the brand.

    You’ve demonstrated that the value of technology, design, and even features to some extent can be negligible.

  2. James J. Says:

    Matchactivity most likely filed for a business method patent and will likely be granted one for their specific method. However, unless the business method you are patenting is of a “revolutionary” nature,’s patent for example, it’s a waste of time and money. Matchactivity is not in that class. They would have been better off spending the money on marketing.

  3. Markus Says:

    matchactivity is esentially a clone of matchtag far more then mine. So I can’t see them going anywhere.

  4. Says:

    I think I can sum it up pretty easily… tagging is annoying and pointless

  5. mitch Says:

    Tagging as quick/dynamic categorization so I can find MY things is great.

    Problem is, so many of the new sites expect users to just tag everything. People don’t want to tag shit so others can find it unless there is something for them to gain.

    In most cases, it’s unecessary.

  6. Says:

    mitch, thank you for clarifying thats actually what I meant to say, tagging for general purposes seems annoying and pointless to me

  7. Andy Arnott Says:

    Good Luck! And I agree 100% the people at are deffinately not the first, and won’t be the last with that concept or something similar but things like the recent patent award scare me. Appears Carcouple is looking for some free ad space. Use your name please…

  8. Yoni Avital Says:

    Guys, relax and keep doing what you’re doing (Markus: I have all the respect for you) we are doing something totally different. Our all site is based on a platform that behaves like an auction and this is our focus of the site: in our site members cannot send messages to each other at all. They can only post activity publicly or privately and their posting is notified to other people who share the same interest.

  9. Markus Says:


    If you are a dating site you lose 30% of your membership every month, and you pay $5.00 to aquire a member.

    If you are a social network you don’t have the membership loss problem and little in the way of advertising.

    I only think you will have a tough time because you are marketing it as a dating site. Someone will come along and do the same concept except open it up to everyone. ie Find activity partners locally. Its a bigger market and will consume yours.

    Guess we will have to wait 6 months and find out.

  10. Jeremy Says:

    Hey Markus,

    Thanks for the mention. I totally agree that we’re facing an uphill battle, especially in MatchTag’s case since it targets regions exclusively and doesn’t show global activity by default. One of the biggest problems we’re facing is having content for people who login from ‘Middle of Nowhere, AK’ and see that not only are there no members in the area, but there aren’t any activities either.

    Finding the trendsetters and the networkers in every city in the world is probalby not going to be an easy task. Almost as hard as it’s going to be to convince people that it’s not a dating site.😉


  11. The Paradigm Shift » Blog Archive » Worlds Largest Speed Dating Event Gets even Bigger. Says:

    […] Its been a busy week, we moved the event to the Hamilton Convention center  and another 2000 guests have pre registered bringing the total to over 5,000.  At this point there are no venues larger in sourthern ontario so we will have to cut off signups. […]

  12. Alexander Says:


    It is an ill bird that fouls its own nest…

  13. Net Siparis Says:

    Very nice ,thanks a sharing..

  14. World Record Speed Dating Event - Online Dating Insider Says:

    […] is attempting to set a new speed dating world […]

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