Worlds Largest Speed Dating Event Gets even Bigger.

Its been a busy week, we moved the event to the Hamilton Convention center  and another 2000 guests have pre registered bringing the total to over 5,000.  At this point there are no venues larger in sourthern ontario so we will have to cut off signups.

It will also be exciting to finally have the media see that plentyoffish is hands down the largest dating site in Canada.  It has been hard to get noticed because of Lavalife’s 5 million a month marketing budget.

We only need a few hundred people to set the speed dating record,  but this is going to set more then a record.    As it stands now Plentyoffish will host the largest singles event ever held in North America, a good 10 to 20 times larger then anything held by, Lavalife,, etc.

Looking at the event, it is amazing how many people have signed up,  and whats more amazing is we have over 100 volonteers to do stuff for this event.     Even stranger,  I’ve created a massive dating site that normally takes 200-400 people to run at this size.  At the same time I’ve created the largest singles event network (measured by how many people attend events/month),  something that second place needs 80 part time people to run.

9 Responses to “Worlds Largest Speed Dating Event Gets even Bigger.”

  1. Matias Says:

    Congrats!!! Well done!!

  2. Just Call me X Says:

    Whats the event?

  3. James J. Says:

    Is it really fair to compare your event network with predating? Predating is a speed dating service. Your events are unstructured. Predating is a paid service. You forbid hosts from requiring payment. I can see how you could run your network yourself, but Predating could not be run by one person.

  4. Jeremy Wright Says:

    Erm. Metro Toronto Convention Center has event halls for up to 25,000. Toronto Congress Center has event halls for up to 16,000. And that’s just off the top of my head. Quite a few churches and universities will rent out space for up to 8,000…

    Then there are a few places and hotels downtown that’ll have space for 6-10,000 as well… Not sure if you’re just saying nobody else has open space, just thought you’d know there are lots of places with 5-10K in seating🙂

  5. Markus Says:

    Jeremy this is hamilton, toronto is several hours away.  I did say southern ontario🙂

    The problem is the fire codes and event requirements, ie  under 1 roof etc. ON top of that I don’t want to pay $20,000+ for a huge event venue that is booked months in advance.   

    This event costs $10.00 a person so people are paying.

  6. Jeremy Wright Says:

    Southern Ontario is anything south of Timmins (or Barrie, depending on where you live).

    No idea about Hamilton, sorry😉

  7. Tom Says:


  8. Clarke Scott Says:

    you da man

  9. Patsy Says:

    I wonder what happened with this event. World’s Largest? That would have to be counted by the Guiness Book of Records to make it official.

    For the record, can you actually be called a Dating Service? You are not paid by customers, you are paid by advertisers, so you are selling advertising space and the dating is just the icing on the cake. A Service provided by a company always advertises their company address, telephone number, and has customer support. You have been quoted as saying that you do not offer any customer service at all, the forum is run by volunteers, moderated by volunteers, photos are approved by volunteers. This is just an observation

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