Hotornot Claims $15,000/day+ claims to beat my adsense earnings and earn more profit in the following post.  comment 39.

Given they are charging $5.95 a month that have offices etc, that means they have over 80,000 paying subscribers.   I guess all those  rating/matching sites may actually have a future.   They are doing pretty good for a 4 page site 🙂

15 Responses to “Hotornot Claims $15,000/day+”

  1. John Comeau Says:

    Hi Markus, sorry to spam your blog like this, but I can’t login to the PoF support forum (or any other PoF forum). The only login that works for me is inbox.aspx, and sometimes I have to use my email address rather than my username. Tried on XP with both firefox 1.5 and IE6, lowered security settings to the minimum, still no dice. I’d really like to see this fixed, could you have someone contact me? Thanks — jcomeau_ictx on PoF

  2. timethief Says:

    Hi Markus,
    I’m decalring this off-beat communication day. I don’t think you’ve reported on this yet but I could be wrong so here you go😉

  3. Brad Says:

    Godbless them!

  4. John Comeau Says:

    Boy was that ever stupid. My profuse apologies. For months I’ve been using a misspelled username (saved in Firefox and IE) and never even noticed it. When logging into the forums I was spelling it correctly, which of course didn’t work because I’d misspelled it when signing up…

    And right after cluttering your blog I noticed your email address was right there if you click the “about” link…

    All is OK now, again please accept my apologies — jc

  5. Andrew Says:

    Seeing this post really makes me want to go along with my idea for a rating system site. Review sites make some killer dough.

  6. PreZ Says:

    digg style rating > hot or nots rating. Oops let the cat out of the bag. Ill bet we will see it soon on a dating site.

  7. Josh Says:

    All the best to hotornot, that’s great news.

  8. John Webster Says:

    Hey Markus,

    Enjoy the blog. Keep it up. How long have you had your pic rating system in place at PoF? Was it something that really pushed your page views and viral traffic?

    I know I’m asking a lot but some information would really be helpful – how much it costs to create this and the database?

    Thanks much,

  9. Priit Says:

    Hotornot/POF make only peanuts compared to Cyworld in Korea.
    Cyworld makes $300 000 per day:

    Why you have to make you service FREE when people are ready to pay for additional services, features?

  10. James J. Says:


    We have a different culture here in America. I don’t think Cyworld will have the same success in this country as it has in Korea. That’s not to say that free sites can’t offer premium paid features, just that advertising will probably always be the primary revenue stream.

  11. amynyc Says:

    It’s amazing that hotornot is still around after all these years…i mean sure, they’ve added more stuff to it like the meetme dating piece, but can it really compete with all these new social networks out there.

  12. Still can earn from membership? « Roz Web Says:

    […] Hotornot Claims $15,000/day+ […]

  13. Ryan Says:

    just found this new start up by couple of college kids and evrything is free.
    Good luck to them

  14. m Says:

    (hey I know this is the wrong area, but I’m so tired of trying to figure out how to contact someone at POF-thought I’d just post here-oh please forgive me I’f I have screwed up the “chi” of your blog)

    your POF site kicked me off for no reason-what’s up with that?
    and how come there’s no way to contact anyone from POF
    what’s your deal?

    using your FAQ’s was a real waste of time.
    here’s my issue:
    I just created a profile. I filled items out in a very clever, fun way. I wanted to get on the site ot see how others filled out information…and to get some ideas before I finished my description…etc

    for whatever reason, I am unable to login???

    I went through the help section regarding:
    Cannot Login / Missing Profile Why Can’t I Login?
    1. You’ve forgotten your password…I went to my email and retieved my info just to double check…so this isn’t it.
    2. You’ve been deleted from due to one or more of the following:
    a. Email addresses, website addresses, or phone numbers were included in your profile.
    NO…didn’t do that…
    b. Not enough information in your profile description.
    Clearly ther was, as I got on the site..I wrote several sentences essentially about how I would be revising this information soon…so it couldn’t be that…
    c. Indecent content (NOPE…all PG!) , nude images- NO IMAGES ON MY ACCT. YET, or harassment of other users HAD NOT CONTACTED ANYONE…
    d. We immediately delete escorts, scammers, spammers, anyone trying to sell something on, and anyone trying to direct members to other websites.
    If your profile did not contain any of the above please accept our apologies as our system wrongly identified you, and you’ll have to create a new profile.


  15. Says:

    Is hotornot is still around after all these years?

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