Adopts Ad model and adsense…

Had to happen eventually the online dating leader is starting to use adsense. has a screen shot.    I was surfing around and noticed some banner ads to victoria secret amoung other places.

The online dating magazine has a writeup of CEO Here.  “’s advertising revenues have doubled in the past few months to 10 percent of total revenue partially because the company can target an advertiser’s products to almost any demographic based on user profiles”

I think that the best  us free dating sites can hope for is to earn 5% of what we would earn as a paid site.  Since people have seen my adsense earnings,  dating sites have widely started adopting ads.  This is a good thing as the 10% extra revenue that dating sites makes  goes straight to the bottom line, and when ebita is negative or under 10%  that makes a huge difference to the bottom line.

17 Responses to “ Adopts Ad model and adsense…”

  1. andy Says:

    So once all (or most) dating sites go into ads/adsense, what do you see as the next thing? do you think that model will be sustainable for a long time?

  2. Markus Says:

    They won’t walk away from the paid model, advertising is just a way to boost income by 2-10%.

  3. mrrbob Says:

    Markus, how can you resist this one? Go over there and click the adsense ad that say “advertise on this site” and do an adsense ad that says

    Hay you users, put away your credit card and click here because is bigger, better and FREE.

    Go for it Markus, how can you resist? HA!

    I would love to see a screen shot of that adsense ad on their site.

  4. Julie Says:

    I heard about you from Scoble’s site. I tried to register to your site but I couldn’t. Irrespective of the email address I use, it says that the email already exists in the database. And then when I ask it to email my password it gives an ASP database error.

    Also the password field is visible. However that is a minor irritant compared to not being able to register.

    Are you still allowing new users to your site?


  5. Markus Says:

    julie, what country are you from? It looks up your IP and if you are from africa or other scammer countries it blocks you. Sometimes ISP’s shift ip’s and it reports it as being from the wrong country.

  6. Clarke Scott Says:

    Markus, maybe she’s a competitor trying to drum up bad publicity😉

  7. Andy Arnott Says:


    Markus need not advertise on match, as sites like ours get customers mostly by word or mouth. All we need is time, and you will see the free sites taking over.

  8. Jesse D Says:

    I would really like to know how much Markus makes per signup..

  9. roger Says:

    dude — you must have no idea what kind of traffic / money these sites really make. you’re living in your own world, a world where plentyoffish is actually a good dating site.

  10. David Thomas Says:

    I’ve got to be honest. I think it’s fine for dating sites that are free to have advertising on them, but if you have to pay for the service, the service should not contain ads. Companies such as get plenty of money from their subscriber base. Maybe they would get slightly less money per user by not having advertising on their site, but they would probably find that they got more people signing up through their service.

  11. AdSense Click Guardian Says:

    Although eBay is not a site similar to a dating site, as a seller, I pay to use their site yet they place adverts on their site. And yeah, we all know the kind of money that eBay makes😉

    Having ads on just about any site is such a common occurrence and just seen as standard business practice.

    After all, aren’t most sites on the net, there to make money one way or another?

  12. Wayne Says:

    Reading over the dating sites, yes, they do make money, and we even have 3 or 4 of them as clients (and they do very well) – MLM customers are the hardest to please, I think thats because MLM dont work unless your ON IT 24/7………

  13. Anonymous Says:

    ” If you work hard on your job, you could make a living. If you work hard on yourself, you could make a fortune. Your income is primarily determined by your philosophy, not the economy. Success is something you attract by becoming an attractive perso…

  14. Haraye Says:

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  15. Francesco Elvis Says:

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  16. Schedule Says:

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