AOL search data proves myspace killing dating sites.

The following is data pulled from the AOL Search Data of 500,000 users. I only imported 7 of the 8 datasets as the last one was corrupt, this gave me 460,446 unique users.

After looking at some data I came up with the following chart, this should be enough proof that myspace is taking away massive traffic from dating sites. Hitwise reported on their blog the day myspace went down the dating industry got 10% more traffic.

  Total Searches leading to site. Unique Users # of users going to msypace % of users going to myspace 3111 612 134 21.9% 2869 809 136 16.8% 1798 388 73 18.8% 1312 245 41 16.7% 1154 184 43 23.4% 839 219 37 16.9% 818 117 28 23.9% 312 100 26 26%

1888 out of 2069 or 91.3% of users went to  only 1 dating site in this sample.  Myspace has 24492 users landing on their site from a total of 115838 searches.   There are more searches then users because in the real world most people can’t tell the difference between entering a URL in a searchbox  or address bar.

5 Responses to “AOL search data proves myspace killing dating sites.”

  1. Nick Pang Says:

    you’re awesome markus!

    i’m still downloading the data and you’ve already processed and analyzed it…

    looks like plentyoffish is still doing great🙂

  2. Aline Says:

    Hi. I am following up the AOL data release story for the Financial Times and would be interested to get your perspective on it. Are you available to talk on the phone? Thanks, Aline

  3. SoulCast Says:

    So if Myspace is taking away marketshare from you, what do you plan to do about it?

  4. Rohan Pinto’s blog @ http://localhost Says:

    […] has already begun to analyze the search data and is posting the results of his analysis. Some of the queries are downright disturbing. Specific posts include “Aol data shows users planning to commit murder”, “AOL data showing Myspace growing SEO spam” “Myspace killing dating sites“ […]

  5. Elliott Says:

    There’s certainly a great deal to find out about this issue. I really like all of the points you have made.

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