Latest Microsoft Patches causing wide spread problems.

Ever since the security updates rolled out by microsoft this week i’ve been getting wide spread reports of problems on my site and other sites.

When users attempt to reply to a message,  or use the search on my site  both of which are forms IE  crashes and exits.    I’ve talked to other dating site owners and the same thing is happening there.   Anyone know whats going on?  I assume the problem only effects a small fraction of 1%  but when you’ve got hundreds of thousands of users that sure adds up fast.

I’ve got a few people complaining in my forums and a lot more via email.

Looks like you have to reapply SP1  and the problem goes away?  I just wish I knew what the exact problem was.

9 Responses to “Latest Microsoft Patches causing wide spread problems.”

  1. Jan Says:

    Crashes related to msvcrt.dll?

  2. lala Says:

    wow, I’d love to hear more about this, pretty screwed up if even a simple form crashes a site.

  3. bob Says:

    use LAMP.

  4. Andy Gaskell Says:

    Bob, it doesn’t matter what software the server is running. This is a problem with client side (internet explorer).

  5. white pebble · Yet another reason to switch to Mac Says:

    […] Or at least switch to Firefox for your browser. Latest Microsoft Patches causing wide spread problems.: […]

  6. whiteboxresearch Says:

    I had this running this morning after an update and it was sucking memory…msmpeng.exe some security! I turned it off.

  7. Ken Savage Says:

    SP1 or SP3?

    I couldn’t imagine rolling back to SP1.

  8. Markus Says:

    SP 1 for IE

  9. The Paradigm Shift » Blog Archive » Microsoft Confirms wide spread issues with last weeks patches. Says:

    […] Microsoft has confirmed there are issues with the patch released last week as I reported here. […]

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