Microsoft Confirms wide spread issues with last weeks patches.

Microsoft has confirmed there are issues with the patch released last week as I reported here.

Hotfix is out now and a update will be coming on August 22nd  the issue is with sites using dynamic compression and have IE SP 1 installed.   This is a HUGE problem and i’ve recieved hundreds of emails from angry users.   This is biggest microsoft screw up i’ve seen to date in terms of its effect on my traffic.

9 Responses to “Microsoft Confirms wide spread issues with last weeks patches.”

  1. anonymous bastard Says:

    Microsoft doesn’t care about you…. or standards…. or quality… or computing in general… I could go on all day.

  2. Richard Says:

    Hey, love this blog Markus. Best (real) stuff I’ve found on site building and marketing. Thanks and keep it coming…

    Just got one quick question for you Markus: what do you think is the key ingredient to get a site to ‘go viral?’

    I don’t really mean this in a dating specific way, more a general sense. Seems some sites just take off and some just linger. E.G. what was the key thing that made Digg and POF take off? There has got to be some common viral trait and I just can’t figure it out…. I’d just like to hear your opinion, as you are clearly someone who actually did it which is rare indeed!

    Thanks a ton,🙂

  3. Markus Says:

    ‘go viral?’

    Be the first to completely fufill a need. Friendster sort of had it but not really, myspace got it right and they took the market. Once someone has the market its really hard to compete no matter how great your site is.

  4. Richard Says:


    Thanks Markus. You REALLY are an inspiration to a lot more people than you’ll ever know…myself included.


  5. David Thomas Says:

    Markus, do you mean Gzip compression on the fly?

    Not that I’ve been affected to my knowledge with my relatively small dating site🙂 but this information would be useful to others. If it is Gzip compression on the fly, have you tried turning it off for those pages of your website that include the affected forms?

  6. Markus Says:

    I can’t turn it off. It would push me over 120 MB/sec outbound

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