Userplane aquired by AOL.

Lots of comments out there on this acquisition.  says the acquisition was in the 30-40 million range.   David evans says they have about a million a year in revenue.  Split between dating sites and social networking sites.  Userplane is my biggest fixed expense at over $100,000/year,  they are probably the only third party site that could accurately/indepently verify just how large really is.

Techcrunch talks about the story to and has a bunch of comments,  they speculate what will happen and how it will fit into AOL’s long term strategies.   I am a little concerned as well AOL has a history of buying things and then letting them die off slowly.

Congrats to the  Userplane team,   definately a nice little pot of gold to take home and retire on!

2 Responses to “Userplane aquired by AOL.”

  1. Mike Jones Says:

    Dont worry – I promise I wont let it die – we have setup a bit of a custom deal with them – keeping the company separate and keeping develop in the spirit we have all these years!

  2. divya Says:

    userplane still exist and rocks
    u guys r gr8

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