Want to share traffic?

I’m looking for any big sites that want to share traffic,   I put up a link to your site and you put up a link to my site.    English speaking traffic only…   Any link I put up will get 1-3,000  clicks a day.  Your site should be able to provide at least as much traffic.

Grab my email from the about section if you want to exchange traffic.   The more female traffic you have the better🙂

15 Responses to “Want to share traffic?”

  1. Cameron Olthuis Says:

    Reciprical linking 2.0

  2. Marc Macalua Says:

    Mike Grehan’s filthy linking rich theorem strikes again.

  3. Justin Says:

    i’d like to share traffic with you. But my leaguemate site is not to big. I feel like it offers a good service if that means anything to you

  4. Jeremy Wright Says:

    Well, I’ve always said we were happy to reciprocal link on our female-oriented blogs🙂

  5. John Ioannou Says:

    Put this site on your radar…let’s talk a year from now!

  6. John Moore Says:

    Hi Markus

    Have you ever thought of doing an affiliate program with POF?
    A geo targetted program would be something I’m sure many website owners would be interested in. I know I would, as the free service you offer is a good fit for many websites that rely on adsense/affiliate programs for their revenue.

    Thanks for the blog and the info you post at WW.

  7. Domainers » Blog Archive » Want to share traffic? Says:

    […] Original post by Markus and software by Elliott Back […]

  8. Dubai Travel Guide Says:

    Hi Markus,

    Would you be interested to have links from my one year old travel site?


  9. Martin Says:

    Im an 23y-old form Split, Croatia.
    I tryed to run this bussines with a partner who diched me.
    Now, after 6 month not operating I decided to finish my college, witch I need money for I want to be independed of my parents.
    You can have a full discount on my commision when you come in Croatia for holiday.

    I can only say that amount of unique visitors on this page is about what are you offering on a your daily bases.
    I hope we’ll exchanege, or you will help to promote, maybe some advices.
    I need help! Thats the honest I can be.

    Thank you.

    Martin Mikelic
    mobile: +385996744109

  10. brianfox Says:

    Hey my blog ranks in the top 100 blogs of wordpress (English) allmost consistently.
    I would be interested in exchanging links. I have lots of links to other wp blogs on my blog, but no one has shown any interest in linking me. I am almost thinking of taking them of.
    In any case if you are interested, let me know. My email is brianfoxcuck at hotmail.com.

  11. Luke Says:


    We are interested in exchange traffic. We are a fast growing free blogs hosting site and attract 15000 – 30000 uniques a day. I can place you link on home page(PR6 in recent updates) top section. If you are also interested in swap links, email me to discuss details.


  12. noviroz Says:

    Dear Markus,

    Thanks for your blog. It’s great. I’ve tried to grab your email from “About” as you recommended – could not find it. So I have to use comments.
    I will be more than happy to share traffic in the nearest future. I need some time. I am getting vancouvergo.com back to life; this 8-years old website needs a new look-feel and more love. We will be big, so remember us … we are in Vancouver BC ..
    Roz and http://vancouvergo.com

    Have a great day; Enjoy sunshine in the middle of October…

  13. mr malcolm j davies Says:

    ive only had about 1500 clicks in december and that was through google adwords.
    im getting clicks but hardly eny sign seems a waist share traffic seems like a good idea and thats what im interested in thanks

  14. YDt Says:

    I am interested in reciprocal link


  15. divya Says:

    please exchange link with me…
    i dont have so much traffic…. but u never know…
    may be in future i will get more traffic on my website

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