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Harvard has done a study that says virtual dating is the future and the way to go.   I think chat rooms are evil and probably the quickest way to destroy your site.   People who use online chat and chat rooms are not serious about dating.  Many of these people spend hours and hours chatting to people for entertainment or because they are bored.  I have yet to see a major dating site that fully embraces chat,  most that i’ve seen take it off after doing some testing.

Hoping to Overtake Its Rivals, Yahoo Stocks Up on Academics   by the WSJ

Yahoo was stunned that when it converted yahoo personals to paid they got more users.   Gee, maybe the fact the industry was growing at over 100% a year at the time for a couple of years had something to do with that.   The article talks about how yahoo is hiring economics professors to try and squeeze more money out of the system.   The problem is that these people can only improve on a current system,  if you have the paradigm all wrong you still can’t compete.  Ie  Paid vs free dating sites.  

7 Responses to “Interesting Articles and stuff.”

  1. michael webster Says:

    I read the Harvard Article and wondered what your practical response to their theory would be. The article was long on speculation and short on examples.

  2. Markus Says:

    The theory is ok, but reality is so much different. It reminds me of people saying that paid daters are serious daters. The reality is that people who pay $100’s of dollars for hookers are the same people that are joining paid dating sites. Paid dating sites make nearly all their money off people looking for sex, not long term relationships.

  3. Peter Says:

    I agree with your comments on the chat rooms. I spent about 30 minutes trying one out once and couldn’t believe the inanity of the conversation. There is no conversation really, just people passing the time with stupid one line posts.

    -Also, while I’m here, just a comment on a previous post regarding the released AOL search data. Just wanted to offer an example of how misleading that stuff could be. It does indeed appear that the one guy my have been plotting to off his wife.

    However, some similar search terms could be completely harmless.

    Let’s say you found a guy whose search terms were: murder, maim girlfriend, murder wife, how to kill girlfriend, kill mom, murder mom, run over mom. Sounds rather nefarious, but in fact could actually just be a guy looking for a couple of movies to which he can’t remember the title. There was a 1965 Jack Lemmon film (pretty good) called “How To Murder Your Wife” and the more recent Danny Devito film, “Throw Momma From The Train.”

    In the past, I know I’ve tried to find the names to films where I have just a vague recollection of the storyline or a bit of the title, and I just start entering a bunch of terms. After several tries you can usually find your way to it or jog your memory. But in the meantime, the Feds might conclude you’re a serial killer.

  4. bob Says:

    wow that was the bst article in year that i have read about harfard hahaha good one don;t u think harfard

  5. Jonathan Jacko Says:

    Somethin’ smells fishy right here…very fishy. And no, I am NOT a shark or a dolphin for that matter.

  6. Henry Says:

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