Shoemoney & blogging & Libel.

In this day and age you just can’t make up random crap and not expect to get sued.  There should be no difference between a blog and other forms of media.

21 Responses to “Shoemoney & blogging & Libel.”

  1. Paul Montgomery Says:

    So are you suing the Shoemoney guy, or the bloke in the comments who said even worse stuff?

  2. michael webster Says:

    I thought you and Shoe buried the hatchet on his radio show.

  3. Tyler Banfield Says:

    From my understanding, Shoemoney is just being called to testify. The individual being sued was the one who left the comment.

  4. wenworth Says:

    What did you not like that was said? And why would somebody say it if it was not true?

    If I may, a few great articles on

  5. Ali Says:

    Which comment is that he was going to sue about?

  6. Patrick Says:

    Marcus, I hope you haven’t sued him.

    If you are making all this money – why do you really care?

    I make lots of money, but I don’t post it all over the internet and “rub it in peoples faces.”

    Maybe that’s what makes you unique. Dunno, but free speech is free speech.

    Want to proove all them wrong? Post your Adsence screen shots? If you are for real, then why not?

  7. Blog-Kommentatoren gehen nach Blogger-Kontroverse vor Gericht » Peter’s Blog Says:

    […] Shoemoney berichtete gestern ohne viele Details preiszugeben, dass sein Blog in einen “Landmark Case” verwickelt sei. Anscheinend hat ein Kommentator einen anderen Kommentator verklagt. Es ist nicht klar, ob sich dies wirklich auf die Shoemoney/Frind Kontroverse und diese Blog-Kommentare bezieht, doch der Schluss liegt nahe. Markus hat auch in seinem Blog prompt darauf geantwortet. Und die Kommentatoren fragen dort, ob es Markus selbst ist, der einen anderen Kommentator eingeklagt hat…Fortsetzung folgt… […]

  8. A Day in the Life… » Blog Archive » Update on the Shoemoney Case Says:

    […] I came across something interesting involving the Shoemoney case. Although it is not confirmed that Markus Frind is one of the parties in this case, his most recent blog post would lead you to believe that he is: […]

  9. nuevojefe Says:

    “Want to proove all them wrong? Post your Adsence screen shots? If you are for real, then why not? ”

    Where have you been?

  10. Brian Says:

    There is no difference between a blog and other forms of media, other than that the blog owner isn’t necessarily liable for what commenters say.

  11. Money Making Forum Says:

    If you read the link Markus posted you would see he is not involved, nor is ShoeMoney directly, but a member who posted on his blog.

  12. Markus Says:

    I’m to busy to sue people.

  13. tin1 Says:

    Can the comment be credible enough? I believe that the blog owner is off the hook. Let alone, bloggers to face the problem.

  14. Fraser Says:

    If this is all a hoax with the amount of buzz and links flying around all over the place maybe Markus fancied getting in on the action and collecting a few links too😉

  15. Lucero Says:

    I’m to busy to sue people.

    Are you? But you say everywhere you earn 10K every day by only working 2 hours a day… you probably have enough time and money to sue anyone you want, including myself!

  16. Pure Logic Edmonton Says:

    Remarkable! Keep writing.😀

  17. Dr. Bruce Says:

    How dold I get pof to remove a libel that is posted on this website that is a Full of false and very damaging accusations to many people besides myself by an ex-girlfriend that has borderline personality disorder.

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