Internet Dating And Social Networking Confernece.

I will be speaking on the final Pannel  with  Microsofts director of business development and hopefully others at next years conference in Jan.

I hear that,,, etc are afraid to allow any of their execs to speak on the final panel.    Given that there will be reporters from the The Wall Street Journal And USA Todayamoung others in attendance  its going to be a PR nightmare for or any other major site to explain  how they are going to continue to grow their 300 employee 300 million dollar a year company.    You know your business model has serious problems when your biggest competitor in the English speaking world is run by one person out of his apartment.  

In the last year the online dating industry has been nothing short of a train wreck, although much of that has been covered up by raising prices.

1.  Former number 2 player Yahoo is imploding  at light speed selling sites left and right,  Do they have any international dating divisions left to sell off?
2.  American singles,   continues its dramatic decline to oblivion.
3.  Lavalife is right behind them. 3 years ago  they claimed 10k signups a day,  now its only 2800/day
4. spent 60 million  in 2 years…   Trying to get laws passed to basically shut down their competitors,  Forces users to call in during office hours to cancel subscriptions instead of allowing it online.  Anyone want to take a guess on if they are profitable?

I think in 2007  the dating industry will be unable to continue feeding the media the fantasy that daters are moving to niche sites and thats why the big sites aren’t growing.   I call that  wishingful thinking at best.   

A couple of minutes of looking at usage data will tell you that plentyoffish  has more users then all these niche sites combined, and the users that the paid dating industry isn’t losing to Plentyoffish  are going to myspace.

Its going to be a fun conference,  when I last went 2 years ago, everyone laughted at me when i said i’d create a site that was in the top 20.    This time around everyones probably going to try and avoid mentioning my site ;)

13 Responses to “Internet Dating And Social Networking Confernece.”

  1. Money Making Forum Says:

    Good on you for proving them wrong Markus. Stick by your passions and drive hard, you are knocking them dead.


  2. Andy Arnott Says:

    Cheers to you Markus! It feels good to stick it to “the man” doesn’t it. I hope to be in the seat next to you sometime soon laughing at all the bloat🙂

  3. Gomer Says:

    Good for you man, congratulations!

  4. joe Says:

    Hey Markus good job on getting onto te panel. But don’t let your ego get the best of you, Match does not officially show up at the conference and many other sites have been on the final panel in previous years. So congrats on the panel but lets be honest very few of those large sites every go on the panel and never will. I am sure there will be plenty of other large sites sitting beside you, its early yet.

  5. Michael Webster Says:

    I don’t think that you want to cheer the decline of the paid internet dating services: your site has interesting symbiotic relationship with the paid sites. They advertise on yours.

  6. johnny i Says:

    Markus…ur story truly inspires me and is one i often talk about! cheers!

    johnny i

  7. Robert Says:

    Kick the crap out of them brother.

    you rock

  8. JT Says:

    You, sir, rock. You’re an inspiration to other internet entrepreneurs. Congratulations on getting on the panel. And be prepared for a lot of shots at you. Desperate people, desperate measures.

  9. Chris Says:

    You better youtube this panel my fellow Canadian🙂

    Im sure you know you might get peltered with prying questions…but then again, you just might get all the compliments for beating the odds.

    Good on you my friend.

  10. TheBusinessMan Says:

    Keep It Up Markus! You’re a one man power house that’s has shown everyone it is possible to run a huge website by yourself.

    Great Job!

  11. Michael Webster Says:

    Thought that this article might interest you:

  12. Catharina Says:

    I think you’r doing a great job. We do something simular with free educational information but just started it, so we still have a long way to go At least your succes is a great inspiration to us.

  13. Paula Walkden Says:

    Hi Markus. I need to report an issue with one of your subscribers. It’s curiousfiftyseven. Raymond Mares. He’s married and I have extensive conversations with his wife. He’s using your site to prey on women and for a place to live. I had him leave my house and he never returned because I did not comply. I’m a domestic violence survivor and according to his wife he is abusive. I would hope this is not the kind of person you want to provide an outlet for. Sorry to contact you here i have met some good men on this site. I’m not trying to harass him, I’m trying to stop him from hurting more women. Thank you for your time.
    Paula Walkden.

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