Cool Alexa Mashup

Right now its only showing the top fastest moving sites in a country as well as showing a break down of sites traffic per Country.   I wonder how they are doing that and i wish they would allow you to see that for any site.  All in all seems like a very useful tool for finding a sites traffic breakdown by country as no other site allows you to do that for free.

6 Responses to “Cool Alexa Mashup”

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    […] PARADIGM SHIFT BLOG — Oct 19 — PlentyofFish growth. Right now Alexa Radar is showing the top fastest moving sites and a break down of sites traffic per Country.  FULL ARTICLE @ PARADIGM SHIFT […]

  2. AlexaRadar: Movers & Shakers by Country » @ Ambot ah! [ technology news and reviews ] Says:

    […] Nice find Dave { via PlentyofFish}. […]

  3. Scott Lawton Says:

    Markus: not sure if you check comments on (somewhat) old posts, but … I’m pretty sure that info is easy to get via Alexa’s API. I haven’t checked if the “movers” part is available via a search, but it’s easy enough to run a bunch of queries and post-process. Full details should be easy to find, but shoot me an email if you want a sample query and results.

    Here’s some quick info for your site:

    Rank, PageViews, Users
    US 341 30.3% 36.9%
    CA 23 52.1% 32.6%
    GB 259 10.1% 8.8%
    ES 1,160 0.7% 2.3%
    AU 510 1.1% 2.0%
    CN 12,899 0.4% 1.6%
    DE 4,592 0.3% 1.3%

    e.g. Alexa seems to think that Canadians have more page views per user than other countries.

  4. Viktors Rotanovs Says:

    Scott: AlexaRadar’s Movers & Shakers by Country are different from Alexa’s Movers & Shakers – they are generated by decoding traffic chart GIF files, and while the API is used for getting other data, ranking mostly depends on shape of curve. Newer version of API released several days ago also allows to get historical data, but it’s very limited – you can only get 10 days or so in one request.

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