Ebaumsworld… Kid makes $10 million a year from a farm.

For those seeking more inspiration read the wired article below.   He was one of the first people to see my site as I bought some real cheap advertising off him  back in 2003 or 4…


$10 million bucks a year for a joke site,  not to bad…   One day i’ll have to start selling fixed text links on my site for $3,000 a week with 20 some spots🙂

11 Responses to “Ebaumsworld… Kid makes $10 million a year from a farm.”

  1. Chris Says:

    Now that I see eBaumsWorld.com I wonder how much StileProject.com makes. I know that he pushed that whole E/N (Everything/Nothing) genre on the web. He even sprouted his own string of websites. Im sure he’s also making a killing.

  2. Paul Says:

    Fixed text links are a goldmine, Marcus. On my modest network of sites I’ve sold nearly 6 figures worth this year and your one site probably gets more traffic in a day than all mine get in a month.

    If you offered text links, do it privately and not through a broker. Do it right and your yearly inventory will sell out in under a month.

  3. Ebaumsworld: 10 Millionen Dollar pro Jahr » Peter’s Blog Says:

    […] Textlinks auf Ebaumsworld verkauft Bauman via Adbrite für $2199 pro Woche und Link. Für mich etwas überraschend, dass diese totz hohem CPC (Cost per Click) von 0.22$ alle belegt sind. Zudem verkauft er auch Banners, die ihm offenbar mehr einbringen als Adsense oder ähnliches. Vom Content mag man halten was man will – Bauman ist ein weiteres gutes Beispiel der Sorte Geek-becomes-selfmade-Internet-Millionaire! (via Paradigm Shift) […]

  4. jeff jay Says:

    He rejected my comment saying I vialated his conditions.

  5. Marasoiu Marian Says:

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  6. Marasoiu Marian Says:

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  7. divya Says:

    10$ million…….
    my God…
    i dont believe….i thnk theres no limit of earning

  8. pesak Says:


  9. perfect world zen Says:

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  11. Suzanne Says:

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