Digg fights its top users.

Digg starts fighting its top users,  this is no great surprise as it is exactly what I predicted would happen.   The web 2.0 crowd loves to think that digg is something new and revolutionary but at the end of the day all it is,  is a forum with a different user interface.   Digg like forums before it is still subjected to the same infighting, trolls and instead of thread hijacking you have vote rigging.

In the world of forums,  egomaniacs and bullies are tossed out and banned because without them a civilized forum is not possible.   In the blogosphere its the opposite they often run the biggest blogs and don’t get along well with other blogs.  I guess to get readers and usage in the first place you have to stand out from the masses, and these are traits that are required.

Now i’m not anti digg,  I think its a good site and has great growth potential.   The way I see it is they are trying to be a traditional forum by having a huge community.  But at the same time they are taking in aspects of the blogosphere.   I believe in the long run the top 100 or so users will be egomaniacs and bullies.  It is simply the nature of the beast,  by not paying your users you are getting them to do it for adoration, being top dog etc etc etc.  No one can tell me that the top diggers are spending 10 hours a day on the site because its a hobby,  they are doing it because they are consumed by it,  much like the top egomaniacs /bully bloggers.

So what is digg to do?  They are handling gunpowder and its going to go boom if they are not careful and its going to be very very messy as I said before.    My suggestion would be to find a way to wean the top users.   Retire them after 30 submissions and give them some kind of other special privileges just not submitting new stories.    Digg is large enough now that they could replace the top 20 diggers every single week and it wouldn’t make a difference.

15 Responses to “Digg fights its top users.”

  1. Deep Jive Interests » Kevin Rose Failing Social Media 101 Miserably Says:

    […] I don’t want to debate the merits of the algo change because plenty of people have done a good job already. […]

  2. Money Making Forum Says:

    Interesting and very likely scenario Markus.

  3. Hey Kevin — what’s with the silent treatment? » Mathew Ingram: mathewingram.com/work Says:

    […] My first response to this complaint, I have to admit, was something along the lines of “So quit, already. Who needs you? Go submit stories somewhere else if your poor little ego is bruised.” As Markus Frind of PlentyOfFish points out, the top contributors to just about any public forum or site often become egotistical maniacs and troublemakers. And what does being a top Digger consist of? Being the first to post links to things you found online. Not exactly rocket surgery. […]

  4. Mayo Says:


    Are you using some memory acceleration products?

  5. Mayo Says:

    How can i get with you in touch? I tried to contact you over corporate mail but it seems you’r email recipient is full stacked🙂

  6. Mayo Says:

    Also, how can i contact you? It seems your corporate mail address i full stacked, so there is no way my mail will ever be read by you?

  7. Mayo Says:

    Will Digg have to pay it’s users like Google will?? HaHa🙂


  8. unitedcats Says:

    Any time you offer a free service, a small number of people will selfishly utilize it to their own benefit no matter what the cost to everyone else. That’s just human nature, Digg is no different. And knowing this, offerers of a free service have to take it into acount. That’s why we have co-pays on health plans and limits on AAA Free Towing. I hope Digg is able to understand this and set it up so that the damage done by these people is limited.


  9. Mayo Says:

    Markus – what upload rate had you in your first months when you were serving pages from home?
    How many bandwith in UL did you need for your first 10,000 users?

    Many thanks in advance,

  10. Marc Says:

    I agree completely. I’ll also agree that Digg is a good WEB SITE, but it’s certainly not revolutionary. Very little about web 2.0 is new. Web 2.0 is essentially a style, in the same way art deco is a style. Stir in lots of VC money. Rebrand community as folksonomy (I think this word is already out of style). Rebrand Javascript as Ajax. Voila… Web 2.0! A few things that are relatively new that I do find useful are syndication like rss and microformats and a few other odds and ends. Anyone with an internet connection and a little time can implement any of this technology from home with no money. So strip off all the wrapping paper and Web2.0 == VC Money.

  11. Mark Says:

    Interesting article. I remember when I first got into Digg, I was so into it I wasn’t gaming or anything, all I would do was use Digg.com all damn day. So I could see how there would be a power struggle with top users, in vote rigging and such.

    Interesting article, thanks!

  12. yardley.ca » Care and feeding of top users Says:

    […] A minor hullabullo burst out a couple days ago over digg’s treatment of its top users – digg changed its algorithm sparked by a bit of public kvetching, a TechCrunch post and an open letter from one of the top users. Comments on TechCrunch were not particularly kind to the aggrieved diggers – although the algo change could’ve been communicated better. I filed this away until I read Markus Frind on it, and realized there was more there: […]

  13. automotosport.info Says:

    Well, something had to be done. Algorithm was exploited even by me🙂

  14. RyanUnderdown.com - » Digg Changes Bearing Fruit Says:

    […] Additional reading on the problems over at Digg can be found here, here, and here […]

  15. Jenn Sierra Says:

    Another reason Digg might be having problems? Seems the “Diggers” don’t have as much authority on Digg as one might think. Update: http://forthardknox.com/?p=236

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