Myspace Presentation

If you look 27 minutes into this keynote you will see presentation from the myspace CTO.

When they had 65 million users,  250 servers were used to just serve up the homepage.
Myspace had 45  .net developers,  also some cool stuff on what they are going to do in vista and the .net Ajax framework

13 Responses to “Myspace Presentation”

  1. Rush Says:

    Ajax will make the site more lame than it already is since they won’t use it in any kind of innovative way.

  2. Mayo Says:

    Take server techies & management team in you have 200 people, take advertising you have 400….

    My only question is what are all those 45 developers doing?? As the story goes, it took only ONE guy to code IN HIS SPARE TIME ENTIRE MySpace website (front end and back end)!!!

    You dont need 45 techies to build a website, you need 45 techies to pach what 45 techies did, and patch on that what 90 techies did and patch on that what 180 did (then 360, then 720..) and every time you patch something you have to double the work needed X 2…

    I mean this is a single website with pretty down to earth needs, its not some ROCKET TECH…

    Ok, maby im wrong… but again ill try it on my self, and if i fail with 1MM subscribed users… then what the hell …. i will take the money and run, like original MySpace developers did🙂

  3. Mayo Says:

    Oh i forgot as usual to say that before that genious guy wrote v.2 of MySpace i took a bounch of hippies (3-5 guys) to write a pretty lame v.1.

    There were Greenspan laments, and on the website (don’t know if it still exists) he talked about entire process of MySpace birth.

  4. Andy Arnott Says:

    They would be better off to start from scratch using ruby on rails, and this would force them to innovate, rather then just patch.

  5. Markus Says:

    Ruby on rails is a Joke when it comes to running a site that actually has traffic. Its like comparing classic ASP and

  6. Mayo Says:

    Agree with Markus,

    Ruby is little baby for this🙂
    For something like MySpace you would need arround 1000 Ruby Boxen😦

    Oh an if i were MySpace i would put those 45-and-counting dumbassess and develop C-core backend, well for what they are doing i would use Zeus web server(for them 100-200K$ is pennies), highil tuned embedded Linux boxes, and lots of code tuning (pardon me Markus, NO Vista B.S., NO C# B.S.) just pure fast code (if i were owner of MySpace and had over 40 developers i would make them to code core engine in Forth🙂 and rest of the stuff in some humane language – Python maby – maby even C#… )

  7. joeduck Says:

    I met him at the conference – nice guy. I was surprised they were so happy with their huge and growing MS infrastructure but they seemed to be very pleased.

    Markus you need to get out more dude! Hello from WebmasterWorld Las Vegas where YOU should be talking about Social networks!

  8. Sean Says:


    Are you ever going to move away from Adsense?


  9. David Evans Says:

    It’s going to be many boxen regardless of the back end infrastrauture. Anyone know if there are any Xserve-based social sites? I bet a lot of the servers are for media serving, mainly gazillions of videos and jpeg’s.

  10. Jamie Says:

    I’m not impressed. I saw that new editor of theirs a long time ago and if it took them this long to get it out then they’re in trouble. 150 servers is quite a bit. I’m sure they can knock it down even more if they optimize their code. Now its all errors and the site is pretty whacked.

  11. G Says:

    “Anyone know if there are any Xserve-based social sites?” is saving $500k by selling its’ Xserve boxes and moving to S3 for storage:

  12. having trouble getting pregnant Says:

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