How I helped capture one of America’s most wanted fugitives

With in 10 minutes of being emailed by the US Marshel service on Saturday night I was able to give them nearly all the information they needed to take down one of the most sought after fugitives in the united states.     I will leave the details of the capture for national television.

25 Responses to “How I helped capture one of America’s most wanted fugitives”

  1. Clarke Scott Says:

    Is there anything you can’t do Markus🙂 you da man!

    wHooiz Clarke Scott?

  2. Mayo Says:

    Really Markus…🙂

    Give it to us now!!

    I’m in Croatia so i won’t be able to watch Canadian national TV!😦

    C’mon link bait again – now with a pretty damn reason!🙂

  3. Mayo Says:

    Sorry, GOOD GOOD REASON especially if he’s some UGLY PERV !!

    Man you’re my personal SUPERMAN!!

    Go Markus! Go!!!🙂

  4. Paul Montgomery Says:

    The mind boggles. Did Muqtada al-Sadr put up a profile listing his interests as “Monty Python movies, Lindsay Lohan and smashing American imperialism”? Was Osama Bin Laden looking for a SWF who likes long walks in a cave?

  5. Andy Arnott Says:

    Wow, this almost sounds like a press release…

    Wait True does this, Markus you should advertise the safest dating site on the internet, and the ads should have half naked women groping them selfs. What an idea!

  6. RUNAMUCK Says:

    lol..lookingforward2 reading about it!

  7. qlsict02 Says:

    ooh very exciting. i will be looking out for more info!

  8. burtuqaal Says:

    yeah tell me about it….exciting!

  9. bill55 Says:

    very good will listen to the news. and hopefully more information

  10. Winston Smith Says:

    Sinve you have done this, do u want to really be subjected to the warth of the fugitive?
    better contemplate a move man.
    I can by the way help u.
    come home to my blogs:

  11. Jason Rodriguez Says:

    Hey Markus,

    Winston is right, usually the facilitators remain anonomous for a reason…

  12. Eric Dewhirst Says:

    Good Job,

    Was it this guy- Calvin Bennett



  13. Colin Says:

    Far out Markus!! With Calvin gone, one less perv.

  14. doctorbulldog Says:


    Eric Dewhirst beat me to the punch! Oh, well…

    Good job, Markus. Keep up the good work


    Doctor Bulldog

    P.S. – Does Eric win anything???

  15. Markus Says:

    It was on the front page of nearly every major paper in western canada today. I did a lot of interviews today and they will probably start showing up in the USA tomorrow.

    • Sam Says:

      I hope they start exposing your lies. Brian Krebs is teling everyone the truth, which makes you look like a lying idiot, which you are🙂

  16. Fez Says:

    Please post a YouTube video of the TV coverage if you can get ahold of one!

    Aweomse story!!!

  17. Andrew Johnson Says:

    A simple Google News search will show you the story.

  18. Winston Smith Says:

    hey marcus how are things man?
    are u moving or not?🙂

  19. Winston Smith Says:

    i meant
    sorry for the typo!

  20. Fugitive found on Dating site! - WickedFire - Internet Marketing Affiliate Webmaster Forum Says:

    […] This one? How I helped capture one of America’s most wanted fugitives The Paradigm Shift __________________ […]

  21. Chris Says:

    Wow awesome stuff. Who was it?

  22. Van Sciver Says:

    That’s awesome

  23. Anthony Cea Says:

    Great deal Marcus, I just saw you on TV man, happy for you and your company that this did not become something bad for you!

  24. Sam Says:

    Markus you are a LIAR and a LUSER🙂

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