Its been a long week!

If you had asked me last week if i’d get any media attention this week I would have said no.      I still can’t believe I was on the front page  or in nearly every major newspaper in the country.   I was also on national television and a national radio talk show.  

For the singles of this country Plentyoffish is a household name, and it amazed me going on the talk show and hearing so many people calling in saying how they met someone off the site and much higher the quality on Plentyoffish is than any paid dating site.

The other thing that amazes me is i’m becoming some sort of icon in Canada for creating a successful internet business.    In Canada the software industry doesn’t really exist, and I can’t think of a single example of someone starting a successful consumer facing business.   There are no counterparts to bill gates,  facebook founder,  myspace founders, amazon  etc.   I assume the conversations go something like this.  He makes how much???  That is the ugliest site ever  I bet i could make way more then that with my idea.  Each time I get publicity I end up getting a flood of email from people wanting to start their own internet business in canada.

14 Responses to “Its been a long week!”

  1. hunter Says:

    I could care less about your PR successes😉 but the fact you’re becoming a role model is really great. Entrepreneurs who don’t take the time to help inspire others are hollow. Now I’m sure that some of the folks contacting you aren’t worth the time, but if you can get just a few people to take the risk of starting their own business, well, bravo!

  2. Arash Says:

    how about starting a ‘silicon lounge’ in Vancouver?

  3. Markus Says:

    I reply to a lot of them, but some days there are just so many emails I don’t have time. These kind of things end up turning into a huge time sink.

  4. Money Making Forum Says:

    Markus I think you should never lose site of the big picture, don’t dwell on having one great idea at the right time for too long.

  5. Tim Says:

    The story of the entrepreneur that makes a fortune out of a smart & easy idea is a headline that people like to hear. So go on Markus.

  6. G Says:

    Canada needs more public-facing entrepreneurs, so step-up Markus! I’ve been involved with plenty of successful Canadian software and internet companies, but they just don’t get any press. Instead on the CBC we get brain-dead hicks (mostly) on “Dragon’s Den” and the embarassingly named “Dreamers and Schemers”. Ugh.

  7. Sam Moorcroft, Says:

    As a fellow Cdn, I say good for you, Marcus! How’s that snow storm treating y’all out there? It was 12C here in the Centre of the Universe:-)

  8. shelbycockrell Says:

    Congratulations on your success. My fiance and I read a blog from another successful Candian website owner named Tyler Cruz. I am glad Plentyoffish is going so well. Cheers to you.

  9. Lesley Topping Says:

    I follow your blog all the time, and really appreciate your sharing your knowledge and ideas. Yeah, Plentyoffish is ugly but it is real and interesting.
    Thank you.

  10. Eric Dewhirst Says:


    Well not trying to stir the pot here but there has to be some perspective in all this. I mean I am a Canadian and an entrepreneur who went through the dot com rise and fall and have friends who never have to work again because of their windfall during that time and I can say that there were some Canadian stars back then. And you don’t have to go that far back – Flickr started down the street from you in Vancouver (Caterina Fake and Stewart Butterfield). Even in your own space – Ashley-Madison makes a lot of dough and they are from Toronto. Now I will admit that when things get big ideas and sites get sold to larger entities in the US but that is where the cash is. Also you have to look at those that are making money online and don’t tell everyone what they are doing. If you never said anything about how much cash you were making – nobody would have known.

    Don’t get me wrong – I admire what you are doing and that you are successful – you have really revolutionized an industry and made a lot of people think. I just think that since Canada is 1/10th the population of the US we should theoretically have 1/10th then number of net super stars and not every super star wants people to know.

    That’s my two cents.


    P.S. I agree with G – shows like the “Dragon’s Den” and “Dreamers and Schemers” make me wince when I watch them – they are pretty pathetic.

  11. kwa Says:

    A lot a French developers left France to Canada to continue to work in the video games industry, since France lost most of its production capacity in that industry since 2000. Video games companies employ several thousand people in Canada in the production process of video games, including a large part of IT professionals.

    Are the Digg developers becomen an example to you?😉

    Moreover, a single person company like Plenty of Fish is able to rival with 200 hundred employees competitors. Maybe Canadian developers are just much more efficient than others, or spend less time talking about themselves in the media and more time developing?😉

  12. Martin Gibb Says:

    Actually, there are many successful Canadian entrepreneurs who built software/web companies worth hundreds of millions in the past decade:

    – Kevin Kimsa (no blog?) helped build venture funded Solect to a $1 billion valuation when it was sold.

    – Jesse Rasch bootstrapped a web ASP company to something like $300MM value or more. He has a blog at

    – Guys like Austin Hill raised tens of millions in VC for their web companies – he has a blog at

    – Mark Skapinker and Tony Davis who founded Delrina and Winfax respectively and each built companies worth hundreds of millions have a blog at for their vc company.

    I am sure I could find many more examples if given the time! And these are real company builders. Although I am impressed by your internet marketing skills, that’s why i read your blog.

  13. joe Says:

    We dare to be diffrent, No more hassle rebillings, delivers service. The way it suppose to be!
    users that never log in are weeded faster than your backyard weedwacker! Meet people,post,chat,upload as you like.
    What are you waiting for?
    check it out.

  14. Christiana Says:

    hDvAhh I’m not easily impressed. . . but that’s impressing me!🙂

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