Orkut passes myspace, fast growing social network ever.

Orkut is a monster,  as I reported a few weeks ago its massive in brazil and India.    Brad explains it best with this alexa chart.

Is yahoo even part of the “new web” ?

27 Responses to “Orkut passes myspace, fast growing social network ever.”

  1. Jon Waraas Says:

    Hmm, maybe more people in brazil and India have the toolbar installed than myspacers…

  2. Markus Says:

    Its actually the opposite, more people in USA have it installed then anywhere else.

  3. Mr Angry Says:

    It’s a real eye opener. People tend to think of the US first, Europe as an afterthought then… maybe… the rest of the world. Two of the more ignored population centres in the world are having a big effect here.

  4. Pat McCarthy Says:

    Yahoo is definitely part of the new web, and quite dominant in the “old web” as well. For example, they own the best “new web” photo site in Flickr, yet Yahoo Photos is something like twenty times the uniques as Flickr.

  5. Mayo Says:

    NO Donut for me😦

    Crappy ….. not the thing you would expect from Google computing resources ….

  6. quadszilla Says:

    Problem is, that brazillian audiance is worth almost nothing. Maybe that will change someday, but as long as they have a 100% import tarriff and average income of $8,300, it’s going to be next to impossiable to profit from that traffic.

  7. Markus Says:

    Well the average person probably doesn’t have internet access to begin with. People forgot that in India there are more millionaires then there are people living in canada.

  8. Errol Says:

    People also forget that the cost of living is also less in these countries, so a lower average income goes a lot further than is would in North America. So Quadszilla, they may not be worth much to you but to others they are worth a lot now and even more over the long term. When you take the long view they might event be worth more than a North American audience.

  9. /pd Says:

    wait till orkut gets populated with localized adsense :)-

  10. paragdgala Says:

    The internet is growing way too fast in India and more of the younger generations use orkut to connect, simply because, well, everyone has one.
    As a fellow Indian, let me add that most of us here havent even heard of myspace and facebook.
    But yes, the future growth rates of orkut in India may not be as high for the very reason its at a high right now – profiles are public – talk of double edged swords, eh?

  11. Mayo Says:

    Orkut may also have to compete with local internet businesses, look just what Baidu & Alibaba is doing to eBay and others…. BTW i think India has 100MM people who are equally rich as US citizen (that is only 10% op India population), like here in Croatia — anectodal 200 thousand people will spend cca. 100MM Euro just on skiing equipment and arrangements in Italy, France, Austria…. and the average yearly income is cca. 5000$US !!! so what do you say: 200K/4.3MM people == cca. 5% of Croatian population who have LOTS of cash… like EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD…. although our 5% CAN’T match US or Canadian 5%😉

  12. igneous Says:

    can any of you chaps hook me up with an invite to orkut? chmoka [at] gmail.com

    thanks in advance

  13. Mayo Says:

    Ingeous, i don’t think you need an invite if you already have gmail account!!!!

    just login into orkut.com and register

  14. Mayo Says:

    Although i don’t see anything special about Orkut BTW!!!!😦

  15. TheWebpreneur.com - Everything web and business. By Nick O'Neill Says:

    […] The other day I was reading an article about Orkut becoming the fastest growing social network ever. I’ve decided to do a basic analysis between Facebook and MySpace. […]

  16. Gopi Says:

    As a expatriate indian i can vouch for Orkut’s popularity in india. I think the tipping point happened somewhere in 2006 and suddenly it seems most people i know have a orkut account!.

  17. shelbycockrell Says:

    I’ve never heard of it. But Facebook and Myspace, in my opinion, are on their way out!

  18. joe Says:

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  19. No Name Says:

    Its actually the opposite, more people in USA have it installed then anywhere else.

  20. Akash Says:

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  21. myspacebackgrounds Says:

    I agree with Quadszilla. I’d love to profit from Brazil, but right now the environment isnt’ too friendly.

  22. "Kimburly" Says:

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  23. polo lacoste Says:

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