Paid Dating Sites Discouver Local Spam.

David Evans points out some pages on And thinks they are part of a local product launch.   They are nothing more then an attempt to manipulate search engines by creating a landing page for every city in the country.

Looks like the paid dating sites have now all adopted the strategy I created 3 years ago and taken it to the extreme.  

Check out google searches like garrison dating.

First you have spam  from and taking the top spots.  Followed by, Meetic and UK.   Now it goes on and various other subdomains  of and battle it out.   Matchdoctor and many many others have started retooling their entire sites to try and rank high for local queries.  Its like everyone just caught on in the last couple of months.

I think that many of these 3rd tier paid dating sites are in business only because of their local rankings.  A good 100-400 extra Paid orders a day with no costs goes a long way towards keeping a company a float.  I’m just wondering when  Zencon  or these other companies with thousands of dating domains go and mass spam the local listings like the big guys have done.

19 Responses to “Paid Dating Sites Discouver Local Spam.”

  1. Jen Eimee Says:

    Nice info. good read

  2. Zoltan Says:

    Markus, this is not new at all.
    Many of us use it in various sites (dating, classifieds, business listings, etc). You also use it on plentyoffish.

    And, in my opinion this is not spamming, it is the clever use of technology and dinamically generated pages.

  3. Gopi Says:

    Around 2002/2003 or so when long tail and local search were not the buzz words it was very very easy to rank for local keywords. All you needed was a couple of links and a geo db.

    I remember just by ranking for local keywords i made more than a million or so thro affiliate marketing. The funny thing is i spend maybe 10-15 hours total on SEO🙂

  4. Steven Cox, Click For Lessons Says:

    It is estimated that by 2010, local search (users looking for products and services on a local level) will account for over 50% of all searches (Borrel Associates 2005).

    If a site matches local people together, then I would recommend they develop pages that are localized. If it improves SE rank, that’s a nice byproduct. But more importantly, it provides the user with a more personalized result that better suits their respective need.

  5. John McDew Says:

    Your information is kind of behind on the times, these guys have been doing it way before you started. Adult Friend finder was doing this years ago as well.

    Not to mention you used the term “spam”, then also claimed that you invented it. This is not “spam” these are doorway pages.

    It’s a good thing your not at all vain.

  6. Markus Says:

    AFF only recently started doing it. I was the first by far.

    most of these sites aren’t providing localized pages or suches, just door way pages containing random profiles.

  7. Brian B Says:

    Any idea where one could get a cheap Geo DB like this? I think it’d be neat to play around with something like this.

    Great blog btw.

  8. John McDew Says:

    Geo DB is and always will be free.


    contact them for the info your requesting.

  9. Mayo Says:

    One more interesting list of tools:

    Look under: Longitude Tools and Resources

  10. Neal Says:

    of course – have fun overcoming the Google sandbox with all those thousands of new pages, if you try it! Every single one of those pages will land in the supplemental index, unless you know what you’re doing. I’m guessing this is why Markus doesn’t mind sharing this trick with everyone…most of ya won’t get anywhere with it. 😉

  11. Dave Says:

    If you “invented it” then why arent you ranking first?

  12. Matt Says:

    I started doing it. It hasn’t done jack for me. I actually dropped😦

    I noticed doesn’t do this at all, and seems to hold tight at number one.


  13. Steve Says:

    They’ve really dialed it down pretty deep, you can see customized local results when searching towns under 1000 people.

    I personally limited myself to around 200 locations for my US site. Obviously less for Canadian ones. Some of the new features in asp.NET 2.0 made it way cleaner then the previous .net 1.1 method.

  14. Markus Says:

    I used to rank #1 for most cities 2 to 3 years ago.

    But it means little for my over all traffic so I don’t care to much. SEO doesn’t scale like word of mouth does.

  15. Steven Cox Says:

    I echo Neal. Normally, this won’t get you anywhere in SE’s. You really have to do it for your customers, and then encourage them to link to deep to your city pages. Goog will just see the majority of the pages as unimportant and won’t bother indexing them. Overall, it makes for a better user experience and allows a site to develop rich localized content.

  16. Pete Balasch Jr. Says:

    Making door way pages is not spam. Making subdomains is not spam the search engines do not consider it spam. I see nothing wrong with it.
    Pete Balasch Jr.

  17. David Evans Says:

    My point was that those Match pages were terribly written, like someone let them out the door to fast. How do multiple pages like that help ranking if Match doesn’t let Google spider it’s database? What I mean is you can’t click from Google to a Match area or profile very easily.

  18. joe Says:

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