Big Dating Site Rollup begins.

Looks like the guys behind think partnership have created yet another shell company.     They’ve moved over the dating assests of  (AMEX: THK)  to  a shell and now began an acquisition spree.   They just acquired the largest offline dating service.    These offline dating sites tend to sell memberships at $3,000 a year,  which is far higher then any online dating site gets.

I had a lot of investment bankers contact me last year and the start of this year.   Many of them wanted to roll up the industry but with so many of the major dating sites losing money no one has dared.    It looks like the new approach is to combine online and offline dating.   The only problem is that this new company doesn’t have a major presence in the online dating market.   They have a big adult dating site, and vintacom which is a application service provider for hundreds of dating sites.   Meetic is shopping for a North American expansion and shell company  “Mountains West” hunting for a large american dating site.    That probably puts, Zencon and in play,  I wonder which gets sold first? has been trying to sell its self for years,  with no takers. might make a defensive aquisition,  Should be an interesting new year as the dating industry once again goes through major upheaval.

11 Responses to “Big Dating Site Rollup begins.”

  1. Henrik Says:

    What do you mean by adult dating, sex only?

  2. PPC Keyword Tool Says:

    Interesting… I actually only recently heard your archived interview with Shoemoney, and found myself nodding away at many of your points regarding the total shift in sustainable business models in the dating market.

  3. fez Says:

    My girlfriend got scammed by one of those offline Christian dating services. I think she’s still paying the debt actually (you agree to some big up front fee that gets financed over many months/years and can’t back out or your credit goes to hell). (and no, that’s not how we met. we met at a strip club after all so that show’s you how nice of a christian she really is =)

  4. 2007 » January » Online Dating Insider Says:

    […] calls it a the beginning of a big dating site rollup. I couldn’t disagree more. I’ve been hearing that terms used for years, and it never […]

  5. joe Says:

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  7. marita Says:


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  9. online sex date sites Says:

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  10. Tyler Says:

    Looking to have a good time with a great gal! Please don’t reply if your miserable and need a lot of attention. Only fun or funny girls please. 🙂

  11. Together, The Right One and eLove | Free Dating PortalFree Dating Portal Says:

    […] calls it a the beginning of a big dating site rollup. I couldn’t disagree more. I’ve been hearing that terms used for years, and it never […]

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