Whats going on in hawaii?

Its about 8 at night here in hawaii and the sky is full of helicoptors.   One just flew by with a massive spotlight sweeping back and forth over the shore/ocean hovered 10 meters over a near empty parking lot near a Waikiki  hotel by the shore and checked every car.   The other 6 helicoptors I can see from shore are flying  in a search pattern around the island way out over the ocean.

Can’t wait to get back to Canada tomorrow🙂

12 Responses to “Whats going on in hawaii?”

  1. Mayo Says:

    What’s up in Hawaii?? Have a nice vacation!🙂

  2. Mayo Says:

    Also, how do you administer website when your on the move (in the plane, hotel)?

  3. publisherharrocom Says:

    Yeah? How to you watch your server for the blinking green lights?

  4. webprofessor Says:

    At the risk of stating the obvious.. thats usually what its like there when someone goes missing in the ocean. Its fairly common for that to happen in Waikiki.

  5. JT Says:

    But if they are checking every car in the lot… sounds more criminally oriented?

    I lived lakeside for a while. When they were searching for a missing person, which happened once or twice a year, they flew one of those huge rescue planes over, and had maybe one helicopter sweeping as well. They didn’t hang over the shoreline in any great detail – ie. checking every car.

    Suprised there’s nothing in the local papers about it? Or radio?

  6. Teddy Says:

    If you happen to leave anything behind, lemme know – the girl and I are headed there on Thursday for the holidays!

  7. Robert Yeager Says:

    If you are like me, you have a wireless device that will receive your system alerts, so you can login remotely to deal with any issues as needed.

    Of course, I bet your system is humming so well you probably didn’t have any issues to deal with while enjoying a relaxing vacation. 🙂

    Am I right?

  8. PPC Keyword Tool Says:

    They’re onto you Markus! Flee the scene! Flee the scene! (Preferably in a super charged jetboat of some sort!)😉

  9. webprofessor Says:

    JT if it is a child that goes missing then they check the land and the ocean.

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  11. Viola Says:

    what’s going on on Hawai

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