Dating sites hate christmas.

This time of year people go crazy and doing customer service on a site is NOT fun, its a total nightmare.  

Reporters often ask if i’m surprised about whatever it is they want me to comment on.   I can tell you there is very little that surprises me anymore.

My favorite user complaint  for today is   “This person is married,her husband chased me with a sword down the street. Her picture is a fake!”

Only a few more days and users will start returning to normal.

Favorite Complaint for DEC 23rd…   “Had a date and she told me she stabbed her ex boyfriend. Went to jail for 10 days”

12 Responses to “Dating sites hate christmas.”

  1. TheBusinessMan Says:

    “This person is married,her husband chased me with a sword down the street. Her picture is a fake!”


  2. Andy Arnott Says:

    That’s pure comedy, looks like some of the stuff I receive.

  3. Zoltan Says:

    Markus, I hope to have the same problem next year at Christmas… So far my community is too small…

  4. Dave Says:

    nice, just watch out for her coming for you aswell😉

  5. Mayo Says:

    “her husband chased me with a sword down the street. Her picture is a fake!”

    ROFLOL (^_^)

  6. Annette Says:

    That is hilarious

  7. Mayo Says:

    BTW Merry Christmas to U all!🙂

  8. justinas Says:

    its like a humour. thank you for good sense of humour!

  9. Andrew Johnson Says:

    For all of the forums and sites I run, all of the complaints are pretty average. I did get one visitor requesting (not complaining) an expert witness for a case where his son was in court for bringing a toy gun to school. Aparently he thought it wasn’t a big deal.

    I regularly get wierd complaints from PlentyofFish users on my blog because my interview with you ranks on Google for a few keywords. While none have been off-the-wall wierd, they typically involve 5 paragraphs squished together in one giant text block.

  10. Bill Says:

    If your lonely you will be looking for someone.

  11. Millionairematch member Says:

    It’s a comedy! What’s the result? I’m a member on a dating site now. Luckly I never experienced bad people till now. I have made many wonderful friends there.

  12. joe Says:

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    users that never log in are weeded faster than your backyard weedwacker! Meet people,post,chat,upload as you like.
    What are you waiting for?
    check it out.

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