This is unbelievable.

Class action lawsuits  against  And Yahoo Personals..

Now check out these sites and their Terms of Service.  


  • datinggold.comDirect quote from Terms of Service.  (

    “2. Online CupidTM Communications: You understand, acknowledge, and agree that some of the user profiles posted on this site may be fictitious, and are associated with to our “Online CupidsTM”, (“OC”). Our OC’s work for the site in an effort to stimulate conversation with users, in order to encourage further and broader participation in all of our site’s services, including the posting of additional information and/or pictures to the users’ profiles. The OC’s also serve to proactively monitor user activities and communications to ensure compliance with our Terms and Conditions. You understand, acknowledge, and agree that the information, text, and pictures continued in the OC’s profiles do not pertain to any actual person, but are included for entertainment purposes only. Nothing contained in any OC profile is intended to describe or resemble any real person – living or dead. Any similarity between OC user profile descriptions and any person is purely coincidental. Please also note that a single OC may be associated with more than one (1) profile on our site.

    You further understand, acknowledge, and agree that, from time-to-time, OC’s may contact both free users and paid users via computer-generated Instant Messages or emails for purposes of encouraging further or broader participation in our site’s services and/or to monitor user activity. These messages may be transmitted to multiple recipients at the same or similar time(s). Messages from OC’s will contain the uniform designation “OC” to notify the user that a message has been received from an Online Cupid. In the event the user responds to an OC message, either via email or Instant Message, the user may receive one or more additional personal or form responses from the OC. You understand, acknowledge, and agree that no physical meeting will ever take place between you and our OC’s, and that the exchange of messages between you and an OC is for entertainment purposes, as well as to encourage further or broader participation in our site’s services and/or to monitor user activities. Notwithstanding the above, the user is not guaranteed a response to any message sent to an OC (or another user).

    We reserve the right to utilize OC’s in connection with other features of our site, either now existing, or to be developed in the future (E.g.: Hotlists, Friend Invites, etc.). You understand, acknowledge, and agree that any involvement or communication with OC’s shall be subject to the conditions, limitations, and acknowledgements contained in this Section and elsewhere in this Agreement.

    Nothing contained in this Section shall create any right to, or expectation of, interaction between users and OC’s. Any question regarding OC participation on our site should be directed to our Customer Service Department.”

  • 21 Responses to “This is unbelievable.”

    1. Neal Says:

      Ha – funny. Yes, I too have come across some of this verbiage in TOS recently. Its shocking to me … it is flatly unethical. IMO – just because you disclose it in tiny text on the EULA (that no one reads) doesn’t make it ok.

      On a seperate note – is this the 2nd or 3rd year in a row that fraud claims have come up against the big players right at the beginning of peak season? The timing seems a little suspicious. Who is it that keeps bringing this stuff up at just the right time? And what is their true motive?

      Interesting post!


    2. doolally Says:

      I believe with match et al it’s free to set up a profile but you have to sign up to paid membership to send and receive messages. If they are sending messags to people who have just set up a profile to intice them to sign up for paid membership then I believe they deserve to get sued. It’s obtaining money deception, whether it’s in the TOS or not.

    3. Willy Wonka Says:

      It’s ofcourse obvious that most big dating sites advertise with fake profiles and stolen pictures and once the person signs up (for free) he/she will be bombarded by so called member emails, all fake. I think this is common knowledge?

    4. Mike Says:

      Wow that is really crazy they would put that wording in there? I had an a d u l t f r i e n d f i n d e r account and it too would get a wink before the membership was about to expire. Hmm I wonder how much money I can make?? haha jk
      So if the employees have to go on dates with people on the site do they sleep with them as well??

    5. dscudder Says:

      The worst part about Match is that they bill you automatically after your free 30-day trial period unless you cancel. And when you call to complain? nothing. I believe that they do this stuff, because when you see their ads on other sites, they always show gorgeous women in your area. Of course, none of them live in your area, but I guess now, they don’t even EXIST!

    6. Sam Moorcroft, Says:

      Sigh. (and other big dating sites) isn’t doing this; “” is (and all its iterations). That’s a completely different company. It just happens to also have “match” in its URL. Otherwise, there is zero connection between the two.

      The lawusits brought against Match and Yahoo seem designed to do something other than actually win in court (hope to get paid off, perhaps?). As says,

      “Evans also claims in the lawsuit that employees are required to go on “as many as 100 dates per month,” and they are “stationed in most of the major U.S. cities.”

      “ spokeswoman Kristin Kelly called the lawsuit “completely without merit.” The firm doesn’t send automated winks, she said, and employees are not required to date members. has about 250 employees worldwide, and 15 million members, making the date bait claim “ridiculous.”

      100 dates a month? What’s that – breakfast, lunch, and dinner, 7 days/week?

      15,000,000 members divided by those 250 employees is more like 60,000 dates/month – each. That’s around 83 dates every hour – per employee. I guess these Match employees are pretty busy, eh?;-) One wonders how they have time to actually run their site!

    7. Sam Moorcroft, Says:

      oh yeah, and is also a porn dating site. There’s another teeny weeny difference between it and

    8. Bill Broadbent Says:


      Mixing in this old story Nov’ 05 (which is clearly frivolous) with the terms of service agreement from a small adult dating site is a cheap shot. You always quote numbers and have to know that the Yahoo and Match claim is ludicrous. So what, they could hire people for “minimum wage” to spend 2-3 hours of their time to get a $20 renewal from someone? Comical. I have too much respect for you to be playing in that game.

    9. Markus Says:


      My point of posting it had nothing to do with the the lawsuit saying was taking people out on dates. There are 2 lawsuits, one says they were taking people out on dates which is bogus, the second one says that and yahoo personals etc were using fake profiles to send messages to people right before the accounts expired or shortly after in an effect to get people to renew. This is clearly going on.

    10. Saïd Amin Says:

      Match/Yahoo Personals would stand to lose a heck of a lot more than they would gain if they were ever found guily of such activity; hence, unless it is proven otherwise, I seriously question the claim being made here. I am not saying that it is impossible but I do consider it highly unlikely.

      Life is good.

    11. Jon Frate Says:

      sorry, i’m missing the second law suit. maybe you didn’t post the link markus??

    12. David Evans Says:

      Old news, have talked to people involved with both cases. The TOS are disturbingly amusing though.

    13. psps Says:

      match & yahoo are well enoph established not to need to do that.

      however, is such a case likely to be made against and affiliates?

    14. Jim Says:

      THese 2 sites and all others so far have you to join.You get emails a few
      days later.Ask them where they are?NO answer.After3 mails the mail
      from that person stops,and another show up.No real people at any of
      them so far.Only site I made contact with they were all from the
      phillippines.The dating sites are all fake,want your money,and if you do
      make contact it will be a hooker.

    15. Hank Christensen Says:

      The site is bunk. Im not a paying member no longer and I get generated mail from women that dont exist. I called amateur match on this and they denied it of course. I hve on whats left of my profile certian things Im not looking for and I still get junk.

    16. VB Says:

      I joined for a few months. While I don’t doubt that there were bogus messages to get me to sign up and maybe stay when my subscription was nearly up, I can tell you that I met 3 lovely women in my hometown and many from other towns. I was given multiple phone numbers and talked to a few of them. The three locals were all very real, very attractive and very available. I went on dates with two of them and they were very normal women. You know, women want relationships as well as us guys, so some of them natually are real women. Amateurmatch on the other hand seems to be based on unlikely circumstances. A woman, advertising her nude picture and profile saying that she wants sex without strings attached and she calls herself something like wetsnatch. What woman would do that? Not likely.

    17. Jonas brother Says:

      Where are the hammers as in the law?Was it wrote for non US citizens?They blatantly state the messages are not real and generated to further inhancment of the site,or bank stament’s to put it better.They also state right out in plain sight it’s for entertainment purposes.Help me understand please.Fake messages are fake claims and when money is envolved $24.00 or premium $29.95 is fraud.It is clear and their raking in millions!Yet no handcuffs? P.S does anyone know a higher up attorney that will sink this firm. Bloomberg has flushed/made public rats out before.Maybe they should close down this money wheel once and for all,and all the rest of the sex sites!They all work the same way and most likley exchange photos?Where do they get all these pics from?

    18. will Says:

      what affiliates will do to get memberships eh? unlike those of us trying to get high up in the rankings to get quality traffic…the affiliates probably didn’t even think this was going to come back and bite them either!

    19. Dating guy Says:

      Does anyone know a good dating site beside amateurmatch?. Mark

    20. Dating guy Says:

      Can anyone recommend a good dating site?. Mark================amateurmatch

    21. vegan date Says:

      vegan date…

      […]This is unbelievable. « Plenty of fish blog[…]…

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