releases “real” rankings. has a great post comparing Unique Visitors VS  Actual member logins to dating sites and show the top 10 rankings for each.   Clearly ranking by member logins is the most important factor because only members can talk to each other and the more members come back the more relationships are formed.

Of the top 5 dating sites listed in terms of member visits  only Plentyoffish has a market presense in Canada.  Canada is the primary market of with way over 10 million monthly logins here.   This easily makes the Largest dating site in North America.     If we throw in UK and Australia data Plentyoffish is easily the largest dating service in the english speaking world beating in the 2 most important metrics which are member visits and total relationships formed per year.

This causes me grief,  my entire marketing to date has been about Plentyoffish is the under dog and you should use Plentyoffish because its free!.    But now that plentyoffish is transitioning to market leader in many markets  its about expanding the dating industry and not stealing users from other sites.   This tends to be very expensive both in terms of People needed and $$$

12 Responses to “ releases “real” rankings.”

  1. Mayo Says:

    ” This tends to be very expensive both in terms of People needed and $$$”

    Does this mean you will hire staff and receive VC capital?? I so wanted to see you managing 10BN page views per month all by your self. );

  2. Zoltan Says:

    Markus, you became a real “marketing guy”. Frankly, I do not see how “Plentyoffish is easily the largest dating service in the english speaking world”. No offense, I would just love you to remain impartial.

  3. Mayo Says:

    (^_^) Markus is very smart guy, and has learned how to spin media coverage, though not in MySpace way… (~_^)

  4. Andy Arnott Says:

    Good for you Markus! I still doubt the validity of these stats, as just like Alexa complete must get their stats from people with an installed toolbar. Sites can easily sway these numbers by promoting that toolbar to their users, and in turn boost their ranks. Please correct me if I’m wrong…

  5. Saïd Amin Says:

    PlentyofFish is a Great success story (congrats Markus!) but I doubt that Yahoo Personals, Match and other major players lose sleep about PofF. Simply put I do not think that they see a free site of the “quality” of PofF as serious competition (if seen as competition at all).

    Anyone have a pulse for how well fairs in Canada?

    Life is good.

  6. Jay Says:


    “Compete data is not based solely on Compete Toolbar users. Compete balances multiple data sources, including ISPs, ASPs, Opt-In Panels and the Compete Toolbar. We strongly believe in our multiple data source strategy and its ability to detect and correct for bias across diverse data sources to ensure accurate projections.”


  7. Max Says:

    Zoltan, I did a quick and dirty analysis using rankings from online personals watch for international traffic, assuming that visitor volume by RANK were similar accross countries, and that member activity by SITE was similar across countries.

    It’s not a great approach, but under these (wildly inaccurate) assumptions there’s some merit to Markus’ claim, at least in terms of member activity.

  8. Nasir Says:

    Plentyoffish is a great success.

  9. Chris RUtherford Says:

    Markus I hate you😦

  10. Blake Says:

    I think is ahead of yahoo personals. It my perception has a greater number of personals at least for the United States. Also, now Dr. Phil is getting involved with, I think would win the online date service poll.

    See for yourself:

  11. joe Says:

    We dare to be different, No more hassle rebillings, delivers service. The way it suppose to be!
    users that never log in are weeded faster than your backyard weedwacker! Meet people,post,chat,upload as you like.
    What are you waiting for?
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  12. Preiss Says:

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