Yahoo to surge in 2007.

Seems everyone is talking about the demise of yahoo lately.

Yahoo currently monetizes queries at about half of what Google does.  Yahoo has a lot going for it.

1.  Everyone in the affiliate marketing world knows that yahoo’s traffic converts far better then googles.  It seems that people use google more to research and AOL/Yahoo to shop.

2.  Yahoo currently doesn’t geotarget,  this has deflated prices on many keywords.    I’ve seen keywords that are 50% non usa traffic.

3.  Yahoo’s current system is virtually impossible to use.   Try adding hundreds of keywords and ads and you give up in fustration very quickly.   Google lets ads run instantly,  Yahoo takes 3 days if you are lucky.

If Yahoo gets their act together  their Revenue per query will be significantly higher then Google in the USA.

9 Responses to “Yahoo to surge in 2007.”

  1. Mayo Says:

    Markus, if it’s not secret (^_^) how much do you usually spend on PPC campaigns?
    Also did you ever used PR agency/guru services? And for the link exchange how much does it convert for PPC vs. Google/Yahoo/Ask/M$/etc. search engines vs. above stated link exchange?

    I will be publishing basic beta (˘_^) framework in one to two months, can you tell me and others like me and you(when you were younger)😉 where to take special care and what pitfalls to try to avoid.

    As you can see i ramble a lot on your website lately and have read entire collection of your ramblings (^_^), now i only have to make mistakes as i go😉

  2. ghoti Says:

    Issues #2 and #3 are mostly gone with Yahoo’s Panama release…but the new release has issues of its own. There’s a good list of some of them at

  3. Markus Says:

    Ghoti, Don’t get me started on their idiotic Editors. They disabled a good bunch of my keywords because my site wasn’t a “dating site”.

  4. Reddiance Says:

    Would be interesting to see how Markus publicizes his Plentyoffish website. I remember seeing his commercial on City-TV (Toronto) during the Bachelor episodes. That must have got him thousands of young ladies sign up😉

    BTW, it’s how I found Plentyoffish.

  5. Andrew Johnson Says:

    I think you are right, Yahoo has incredible potential when it comes to PPC — they just need to get their act together. YPN alone could put some serious pressure on Google & Google’s stock price. If Yahoo decided to aquire a few other ad networks they could become a real threat to Google.

  6. Dave Starr Says:

    Fully agree that Yahoo has serious potential … especially in the consumer shopping market and a huge potential in the personals/dating area. But will they wake up in 2007? It’s certainly any one’s guess but I’m not holding my breath.

    PoF is not a dating site? MmmmHmmm, yep that really shows they have their finger on the pulse, eh? I thought they were only totally clueless with me because I’m a tiny, tiny fish (and never likely to grow much beyond minnow size in my geek area. But because it’s a geeky area I get geeks from all over the globe. Technology is not like politics. Too many non-US visitors was their complaint …well, hello, do you have a _clue_ as to how the web works? People don’t need my permission to visit my site.

    Coming alive in 2007? Well, we shall see.

  7. capitalistpig Says:

    I do agree that they have potential. But I’ve always thought that Yahoo’s biggest problem is Yahoo themselves. They can’t seem to get out of their own way.

    I totally believe that there editorial policies are going to be their downfall. Until they give businesses the creative freedom to experiment with keywords, ads and landing pages without interference from some bone head editor, none of the changes they have made are going to make any difference.

    Slaughter the sacred cow Yahoo. Get rid of the editors that are killing you.

  8. Brian Says:

    There is a pretty good chance that by the time they get their act together Google dominance in search will be so great that they will not have the traffic to generate a huge increase in revenue. Another six months and this race may be over until the next “Big Thing” comes along

  9. joe Says:

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