Upcoming conferences.

I’ve got a couple of conferences i’m going to and speaking at in the next few weeks.

1.  Social networking conference. www.socialnetworkingconference.com    Speaking on the final panel on Jan 16th.

2.  Communitynext.com at Standford on Feb 10th.   I’ll be on the founders panel moderated by Guy Kawasaki.

3.  Speaking at the Wharton  Technology conference in Feb.

Is anyone going to idate/social networking conference  ?

8 Responses to “Upcoming conferences.”

  1. vanchau Says:

    I’ll be there Marcus!🙂

  2. Andy Arnott Says:

    I am going to try to make communitynext, especially since I live in the area, and I am also trying to get to Idate, though it’s not looking good with my schedule.

  3. Mike Jones Says:

    im there!

  4. Rajat Paharia Says:

    We’ll be there!

  5. noah kagan Says:

    Glad you can make it. See you in February.


  6. Bill Broadbent Says:

    See you there Markus. You’re buying the beer!

  7. Sam Moorcroft, ChristianCafe.com Says:

    We’ll be there, as always (4th Miami event in a row for us!

  8. Clay Cook Says:

    I won’t be there this time Markus.
    Hope you get more out of these conferences than the ones in the past😉

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