Free phone personals.

It looks like the phone personals industry is going to take a major hit this year.   Currently sites like lavalife and others make hundreds of millions of dollars a year on phone chat lines where men call in and spend a couple of dollars a minute to talk to women.

 I think that VOIP chat rooms monitized via google adsense for audio  is going to reduce this industry to a fraction of its current size.    I wonder how quickly this will be deployed by other sites?

20 Responses to “Free phone personals.”

  1. Mayo Says:

    Premium numbers will always be there….

    If Lavalife mgmnt. is smart, and it seems they are smart they will thrive for long long time, and with VOIP technology they will make even more profits.

    Be sure phone wont go away, any kind of phone … (^_^)

    What would you do Markus if you had 50MM in profits every year? Would you stagnate or go further? Lavalife guys are born in the 80’s and still thriving today, and most people they are making a buck on are over 50. To whom would you sell rather more: to a teenage(18-19yrs.) kid that is just entering workforce market (if that) or to an old geezer who doesn’t want to fuss around microphones, VOIP settings,…. true old geezers are changing, now even 60 year olds who never touched a PC before play Warcraft (LOL)

    The market is fractioned and not everything is centered arround PC, phones(mobile and fix) still rock, and will rock even more in time to come!

  2. Mayo Says:

    Markus, you should plunge into industry to know what you are talking about, i will surely plunge in when i start making serious money from ads, and believe me i wont cut throats neither to lavalife, or anyone else because it doesn’t fit me to cut prices down, when you profit from that kind of market you ALWAYS put the high price tag, and the smaller expenses are the better is for us! No one will work for pennies, neither will fantasy phone operators, neither will models, neither will i as owner….
    Be sure that when someone starts to cut throats to big guys they will react with any disposable force to clear the competition. This guys aren’t big co’s run by good guys (like newspaper management is regards to Google, online gaming schmucks in US), they are on the cutting line between black and white world where you guard your profits with any kind of force (from lobying to hacking, buyouts to …. )

  3. Louie Buren Says:

    Companys should not be ripping men off with 2.oo a minute phone calls anyway.

  4. Ben Barnes Says:

    That’s hilarious! First, to think that phone dating is a multi-million dollar industry. And second, the fact that this post came from the designer of a FREE online singles/dating site. Dude, you’re rockin. And somehow, you aren’t poor. Way to be.

  5. flexible Says:

    Yahoo messenger chat rooms are bot ridden. Waste of time on all sites. You pay you might get a shot at what works in person. You have to do alot of things just to get anywhere and everyone plays the game(s). Just think good thoughts, pray for people with truth, realize your along for the ride and not in control unless others want you to be. Amazing how bad stuff is hard to rid yourself of and good stuff is elusive to many.

  6. Michael Says:

    We are already starting to do it. We are a 100% free voice personals and not only are we going to monetize it with ads we have found a few other ways to monetize it. You have hit it head on the money as we have been thinking about it since around the same time you wrote this post…..

    P.S. Best Wishes,

  7. Chat Line Says:

    We are looking to get a large market share of their business this year…. only time will tell. And by the way we like love your plenty of fish dating site.

  8. lisahottietotrot Says:

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  9. curious2u Says:

  10. Dunton Says:

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  11. online personals Says:

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  12. Michael Barron Says:

    I used to really enjoy phone personals from lavalife and others. It was fun but kind of expensive. I think at the time I am writing this most are out of the phone business. What is we offered a way for our client to be able to call people they are interested in over the pc. it would make it much more hands on and interesting

  13. Billy Flower Says:

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  15. Irene Bernick Says:

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  16. Lisa Says:

    I agree, I think that the major sites will take a hit as online alternatives continue to be developed. It will be interesting to see the effect of skype type services have on the industry.

  17. Phone Fun Says:

    Any time a major play like google or skype jumps into the fray it has to give you pause. The have just too much financial backing!

  18. - Says:

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  20. download jvzoo Says:

    Great post. I will be going through a few of these issues as well.

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