Google Crowd Sources Quality Control.

Google is now soliciting feed back when paid links are clicked and the back button is pressed.   Does this mean the end of Made For Adsense Scrapper sites and the like?


12 Responses to “Google Crowd Sources Quality Control.”

  1. norwy Says:

    You should see — a norwegian stock site, exept all there is is just google ads. Makes $1,500+ a day from adsense. This will not be the end of such sites, maybe we’ve seen just the beginning.

  2. Mayo Says:

    Bah, don’t think so…

    Scraper sites could only finish if they were dried off the advertisers which Google won’t do now nor ever in the future..

  3. Zoltan Says:

    $1,500+ a day? Come on… For a site ranking 5 million+ on alexa…

  4. Jeremy Luebke Says:

    This has been going on for a very long time. They turn it off and on at times and is many times user dependent.

  5. elhoim Says:

    They do it for at least one year, one year and half for ads; and began recently (Q4 of 2006) to do it for search results too…

  6. Will Says:


    I totally agree. There is no way that a site with a pagerank of 3 and alexa ranking of 5.5 million would be getting anywhere near enough traffic to get those sort of adsense earnings. They wouldnt even be getting 1,500 visitors to their site in a week!

    That is ofcourse unless they are spending the same, if not more on advertising.


    Me thinks you are just trying to get people to your site as the site you mentioned hasnt even been online long enough for alexa to list the domain registration date. Better ways to advertise your site than this! C’mon!

  7. Brian Says:

    That will just cause more fraud as the goal would become to get more “yes’ clicks than anyone else so that you could rise up in the rankings. It would not inspire people to improve the quality and content of their page. Just determine other ways to game the system

  8. elhoim Says:

    Brian, i don’t agree with you. If google guys are clever, they should:
    1) do it totally randomly on all their users
    2) do it with a weigthed factor for each country/language/whatever-parameter

    They have 200,000,000 searches per day (number from 2003), let say that they have an horrible ratio of people who answers (1 on 10,000) this mean they can get 20,000 evaluations per day!

    If they do it just for grey sites, this can help them a lot and is (nearly?) impossible to cheat.

    This is a number game, i suppose they have more searches today, a better ratio than 1/10,000 and they are paying people to manually review quality of sites.

    PS: I define grey sites as sites that are not totally bad/black (determined by automated ways and/or human evaluations).

  9. mozey Says:

    Well, hats off for thier ATTEMPT for adsense QA. Its probably going to take lots of refining.

    @elhoim, i WANT to believe that google has enough sophistication to incorperate all of these variables in mind. However, i think they just wanna see if it MIGHT work or not. Next stage is to develop a model with as many variables as they see fit.

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    Google Crowd Sources Quality Control

    Google is now soliciting feed back when paid links are

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