Attention 200 has just released a monthly index of the top 200 sites in the USA ranked by what seems like user minutes spent on the site per month.    Plentyoffish  comes in at #73 and the only one person website on the list🙂

This is a very important ranking system for dating sites because if users don’t spend time on dating sites they can’t start any relationships. 

I also can’t see how anyone is going to pay for hitwise  or comscore data.   Between Quantcast and Compete there is more free data out there then you can get from these paid sites.

3 Responses to “ Attention 200”

  1. Kim Devonshire Says:

    This is a great benchmark to judge quality of content on any site, if people are enjoying their experience they will obviously stay longer, but not sure if the data can be measured accurately, when you consider that myspace has millions more visitors than my site, and if my visitors stayed all day I don’t think I could match Myspace?

    Regards Kim

  2. john Says:

    I’m just glad there’s another site,, that gives some traffic information other than

  3. phil Says:

    wow markus you are my hero, can you help me with
    thx in advance

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