Looking For site representation companies.

I am looking for a company to sell advertising on my behalf.     I am looking for companies that are already large and established and have a track record.

I am looking for someone who can handle some of my 1 billion monthly pageviews spread out over UK, USA and Canada.

over 80% of my pageviews come from users that are logged in so I can show ads based on age, gender, location  etc.

You can contact me via the email in the about section.

26 Responses to “Looking For site representation companies.”

  1. JT Says:

    Markus, why don’t you start a ring of related websites, and use your own traffic base to drive to these higher-paying niches? You’ve got the cash flow to purchase all the content you’d need, and the people to organize it.

    Or purchase existing, related sites and drive your traffic base through them.

  2. Andy Arnott Says:


    Please drop me a line at the above email address. I have some stuff to discuss with you. Thanks!

  3. phil Says:

    You should try Adbrite OR cpm with cpxinteractive and valueclick.

    I guess the amount of international traffic you have will be a problem but worth a look.



  4. mozey Says:

    Me and my buddy rob are all about marketing, We can go around and distrubute flyers and everything. Give us a shout.

  5. Martin Says:

    ? distribute flyers??

  6. Mayo Says:

    “distrubute flyers” LOL😉 (^_^)

  7. Mayo Says:

    Though flyer’s are not bad idea for small websites that want a leg on in new markets….

  8. Martin Says:

    I think a few people may be reading the original post wrong.

    Markus is looking for a reliable agency to sell the banner impressions he does on the site, not have someone promote PlentyofFish as such.

  9. Martin Says:

    “Banners” being the wrong term, as I cant see any, but perhaps that’s where it’s leading?😉

  10. zoltanb Says:

    He is selling targeted advertising. He has enough information about users. So, if I post my profile and write that I like technology and I am from Stuttgart Germany, he will (or want to?) show me laptop sellers from Stuttgart Germany… Extremely targeted audience based on demographics and interests.

  11. mozey Says:

    This whole flyers thing was a sad attampt at “SeNsE OfF HuMoR”,🙂 smile people!

  12. Mayo Says:

    One more thing IMHO is that only the owner of the business has all the data and knows how his business is doing by the breath (^_^), only you as the owner/production manager (^_^) know where and how are stuff selling, where you need to tweak,.. you need much tweaking for stuff to work on a level that is extremely productive and for that you have to engage in-house sales manager, only the person who knows the stats by the breath can produce superb results…

    Now my question is: would you open up your business intelligence to outside company regarding that you even have the non-disclosure agreement?? For that level of trust you really have to have the person of absolute trust AND of absolute competency. Now will the person who sells your space be more informed about your website? Maybe yes, but that is far fetched if he is not a marketing wizz…. and we all know that wizz people (a.k.a. people more as people more intelligent than you(^_^)) are pretty darn expensive….

  13. Jake Says:

    One thing to be sure about DO NOT use CPX interactive. They are one of the worst. ValueClick is good though, you can give them a try if your site is CPM based. I wonder does adsense allow cpm pop unders?

  14. Jonathan Frate Says:

    Markus – Do not use AdBrite. No matter how you slice it, you’re better off just hiring one or two people in-house and have them shape and sell your ads. Don’t hitch your wagons on any third party sales team, the supply vs. demand of inventory is against your.

  15. Mayo Says:

    Markus, why don’t you try RMX direct, i heard this from John Chow🙂


    It seems way cool! Too bad i can’t use it😦

  16. Sharon Ditchek Says:

    Hi Markus,

    I work for Prospectiv. We are a lead generation company that can customize our ad pages to work them seamlessly into your site to monetize new and existing users. We currently work with similar sites, Love Happens, Date.com and can handle all the traffic you can throw our way.

    I would love to talk to you further about this opportunity.

    Please contact me at your convenience.
    Sharon Ditchek | Business Development
    Prospectiv – Connecting Brands and Buyers
    T: 781.305.2146 | F: 781.938.6634
    1790 House | 827 Main Street |Woburn MA | 01801
    sditchek@prospectiv.com | http://www.prospectiv.com

  17. Martin Says:

    IMHO I wouldnt go through any ad agencies, I get a constantly inconsistent pay-back through any ad agencies I have used, one month might be £0.60 cpm and the next £0.10 – I can’t plan on that sort of inconsistency.

    I personally dont think any ad agency wil match what you do on adsense, provided you dont let adsense display image ads – to me they are still way too tacky and have a long way to go on that front.

    I think there is mileage, in terms of revenue, for member demographic data, i.e., name, email, age, gender etc, which can make big revenue without the need for more ads being shown, I guess there is a fine balance between futher monetising the site, and ethics, bearing in mind you drive the message home constantly, that other dating sites are only in it to drain the members of money. – Whilst you may not be doing this directly, I think there is a fine balance, which I would have to ask, have you not acheived?

  18. Wes Says:

    I would check out http://www.quigo.com/asfp.htm

  19. himanth Says:

    We can do it for you. We have a own department that takes care of web advertisimg and PR. Mail me at my ID and we can take this forward.

  20. Thatcher Says:

    Esparza Advertising – it me up.

  21. Khalifah Sykes Says:

    Please inform me of what you are offering in detail. Maybe I can be of assistance. Thank you!


  22. Anonymous Says:

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    Excellent post. Keep it up!

  23. Doug Says:

    Any luck finding a good CPM deal?

  24. Heath Says:

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  25. Leda Dezeeuw Says:

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  26. Ntatang Ayuk Says:

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