Lavalife buys major Advertising/Lead Gen Network.

I wonder if this effects Neverblues relationships with And Spark Networks.  I’d hate to give a competitor access to all the keywords being bid on and advertising stratagy etc.

Looks like nearly every major dating site has now built out a advertising network.

Founded in 2004 by four partners, Neverblue Media’s services and revenue have grown exponentially since its inception. The company is comprised of five business units, recently introduced a proprietary technology system and currently employs 50 staff. was launched independent of Neverblue Media in December 2005 and currently employs 30 staff at its contact center. Neverblue Media will continue to operate as-is from its current headquarters in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Vertrue currently owns two other subsidiary companies based out of Canada, including the popular online dating services company, Lavalife Inc.

11 Responses to “Lavalife buys major Advertising/Lead Gen Network.”

  1. Jonathan Frate Says:

    what did vertrue pay for this business?

  2. Chris Says:

    Wow, is all I can say.

  3. mathew Says:

    i met jordan visco of neverblue very briefly once at a commission junction event and in only a minute or two, i got the feeling that he was someone who would be very good at just exactly what neverblue does.

    i think this sounds like a good deal for vertrue.

  4. boboblaw Says:

    why do you say he would be very good at what neverblue does? was he well-spoken, or a big geek, or a sleazy salesman, or…?

  5. » Quick Links Says:

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  6. Jason Vanko Says:

    Jordan rips off his affiliates traffic sources and then runs internal “house” accounts owned/operated by Neverblue against their own affiliates.

    I know from first hand experience

  7. Steve White Says:


    Jordan/Neverblue did the same thing to me. Unbelievable.


  8. Bob Jones Says:

    You guys suck, Jordan is good friend of mine. He is a great guy with a great family. Neverblue media was started by five guys not four. Get your facts straight

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    […] Lavalife buys ad network. […]

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