Google Trends Killed?

No data update since mid November,  wonder what happened.

8 Responses to “Google Trends Killed?”


    I was wondering that too.


  2. Andrew Johnson Says:

    Shows how un-observant I am; I didn’t even notice. They killed Google Answers, they could send this to an early grave too. Thats too bad, because its perhaps the best signal of seasonailty and the life/death of “fads” right now.

  3. /pd Says:

    wait till it merges into finance :)-

  4. zmarties Says:

    I don’t believe that anything in particular has happened – it’s a Google Labs experiment, and as such doesn’t get regular updates to the data anyway.

    (I’m sure its quite low down the priority list to get time on Google’s server farm to crunch the data required for an update).

  5. V7N Search Marketing News » Blog Archive » Search Blog Overview, March 08, 2007 Says:

    […] has Google Trends data gone? No updates, of […]

  6. siddkmat Says:


  7. kwa Says:

    It’s been updated right now. You have really a _huge_ influence on Google, Markus!😉

  8. jothiram Says:

    nice feel starts

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