Yahoo Embeds Advertiser signup pages in SERPS.

Yahoo is embeding the’s  Signup forum directly into the search results,  this would defiantely not fly in the USA.  Google tried to link to their own products and got a lot of heat.

Search for any major dating term on  the screen shot is from searching for personals.

Yahoo Onebox

8 Responses to “Yahoo Embeds Advertiser signup pages in SERPS.”

  1. Rony Says:

    Google still embeds their own products in serps:

  2. Markus Says:

    Ya but yahoo personals in the UK isn’t a yahoo product, its a division of

  3. Martin Says:

    If they actually sold that feature as a kind of super-sponsored link to the highest bidder it would be pretty awesome (and pretty expensing) !

  4. whateva Says:

    your just jealous

  5. richard Says:

    I’ve build that module almost 4 years ago. Amazing that it’s still in use! It used to run in 3 European markets (uk,fr,de).

    Search for ‘man seeking woman’, ‘woman seeking man’, ‘dating women’. The box is the same, but the title and thumbnail is different. I can’t remember the other terms it used to run for.

    Since the content is created manually it must be a current test to check the clickrate of various titles. All static, all editorial, it’s not connected to any billing system. or any other advertiser didn’t pay for it. It’s Yahoo! promoting their own cobranded site. Every sign-up generates more (and possibly recurring) revenue than clicks on ads.

  6. Markus Says:

    Richard yahoo sold off its international Personals business to and meetic.

  7. » Notes From The PlentyOfFish Blog Says:

    […] I’m glad Markus can run his million-dollar dating site from his apartment, working only a few hours a day. That gives him time to find stuff like this. […]

  8. Unenuephapeda Says:

    free home made porn video

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