Payperpost… is a company that gets bloggers to write fake positive reviews about your site.    What is stopping companies from using this service and doing stuff like paying out $20 for every blogger that writes a fake horrible experience they had with a competitor?

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  1. Jim Says:

    Hey Markus,

    I think the one thing to keep in mind is that readers will be able to distinguish the authentic reviews from fabricated reviews by virtue of the the fact that bloggers with integrity will designate that the post in question is a “pay per post” with some type of disclaimer

    While I don’t have the links handy, this has been a recurring subject since around the beginning of this year when bloggers started really discussing it.

    I think it all revolves around the personal integrity of the blogger and whether or not they are willing to include some type of a disclaimer. If I were the one reading the review, I think I would look for something like that before I actually took the review to heart.

    I don’t know that I can really condemn this type of marketing and advertising though. It’s really not a whole lot different from some other methods people use to get the word out about their product or service. Do superstar athletes, movie stars and other celebrities really use the products they promote on TV and other forms of media? They are paid to influence our decisions.

  2. clonic Says:

    The bloggers don’t neccessarily have to write a positive review too. Most times, all they have to do is mention the site and provide the link. E.g. I found this site selling XYZ Products. Check it out at this URL.

  3. Jak Says:

    jim your overrating the honesty out there. many would be willing to mislead, and clonic is right, sometimes all you need is a link, good or bad.

  4. justsayhi paying bloggers for False Advertising/Trademark infringement « The Paradigm Shift Says:

    […] False Advertising/Trademark infringement I posted previously about competitors who could use payperpost to cause problems..  Justsayhi  created a bunch of landing pages and then paid bloggers to mass […]

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