Go Daddy Sucks….

I got some throw away domains using godaddy and every now and then they don’t replicate out the DNS properly.   

Today its the worst i’ve ever seen it.    No DNS is being replicated and when attempting to view my DNS settings via tdns.secureserver.net it times out.  I’m using multipul machines accross the country from different locations.    Looks like its sort of working now after a 20 minute outage…

9 Responses to “Go Daddy Sucks….”

  1. Garry Says:

    Markus – the problem seems to be related to DST; I have more info at my blog today.

  2. Jay Says:

    GoDaddy seems to have restored services. It is unclear if this is due to DST on their end or their network provider, either way they should have been prepared.

    http://www.yawpco.com for more coverage.

  3. Matthew Says:

    The DST issue is what I have been hearing a lot of today about Godaddy.

  4. Markus Says:

    I constantly have issues with them. Their regular DNS works fine, but when you use CNAMES a lot of dns servers report no entry for the domain at random times.

    today was the first time it stopped working period, but i suspect its DST time related to.

  5. G Says:

    They claim it was a DOS attack: “This morning, March 11, some of our Go Daddy services came under significant and sustained distributed denial of service attacks resulting in intermittent disruptions of various services, including shared hosting and email.”

    Maybe they didn’t pay the Iranian magnetic motor inventor…

  6. Joshwa Says:

    I try to avoid GoDaddy– they have astoundingly bad practices.. see: http://nodaddy.com/

  7. Bennybaby Says:

    Check out my GoDaddy Rap Diss. I put a lot into this, it should give anyone with bottle rage toward GoDaddy a huge orgasm.

    If you enjoy it, please subscribe and comment.

    For some reason, this video hasn’t been getting a lot of views. I get like 2000 views a day on my other videos, but this GoDaddy one has only about a hundred. I guess corporate rap disses aren’t the in thing yet.

  8. Breana Says:

    Oh man i hate goddady to hell!
    They closed my site after 5 months of hard work and sleepless nights for no reason?
    I asked um, and yelled at um fro over 5 weeks before the morons replied i was banned for an obsine gusture in one of my members profiles “member 56″i was like what?
    I have a filter set up and all photos must be approved by a admin..

    He posted a pic and its of a gurl kissing her cats butt. I WAS FUCK THIS, THAT AINT OBSEIN.. WTFH…

    And to top it all no refund for the 36 months paid on the Premium Plan and not one dime back!
    I had to refund over 124 members there money for there paid accounts i was soo f***ing pissed!!

    A fitting end to the kings of fraud, all i had was trouble with those losers.
    Half the time you went to my site it said.
    PLEASE MAIL THE HOST ADMIN, i mailed um they blamed me!

    Then i paid for a domain name 2 years and it ran out 3 months later i said hell no. They did fix that but man there stupid!!!!!!

  9. SeeTedRun65 Says:

    Wow. Just wow. I wish I could say reading your story was an utter shock but unfortunately this reads like a very dark comic strip that’s mass produced and inserted into newspapers worldwide.

    I’m only chiming in here because I feel such drive to tell you that there’s a way out and a way to having your domain management be just an absolute carefree experience. But before I get into that, there is a backstory I feel compelled to admit.

    I first met a guy named Chris when I was working in radio and so was he (don’t ask me what station or even what city, suffice to say we both worked in one of the top radio stations in one of the top U.S. cities). Being web nerds at heart we both got to talking about our side businesses. He ran a web hosting company and I a web design firm. He told me that his hosting business had been operational since he was in high school and while he was in radio the hosting co. was going to be more of a weekend job that ran itself. A friendship arose because I confided that I was doing a lot of my web design work on my lunch breaks there, otherwise all on the weekend and late nights.

    Anyway a few months later he told me he was launching a domain name service platform because he was sick of dealing with the likes of Network Solutions, Register.com and [gah!] Go Daddy, and occasionally Gandi and Enom. He also saw a real business opportunity in moderately priced domain name sales, renewals and transfers with a strong focus on a customer oriented experience. What he said he meant by that is that the customer would and should always feel like they were the reason the business existed. Chris set up sort of a beta platform before going public with this and I put my faith in him to manage my about 150 domains. Now the management thing is where it gets interesting. He said one of the things he wanted to do with his new business is put a simple point and click web self-management interface up, but he also wanted to do the equivalent of managed hosting only with domains. And since I was his beta test dummy I got treated to the first definition of that.

    The first thing Chris asked for was a complete list of all of my domains which I admit was daunting because I had been price shopping when purchasing new domains and then many of my older domains were still at what used to be InterNIC now Network Solutions. After I provided my list, he then needed my account usernames and passwords for the various companies. He said I could reset my password so I wasn’t giving him my default password or passwords. With my authorization to do this and with a payment method agreed upon, Chris took over from there. I literally did nothing. Within 4 total days all of my domains were centralized in an account with Chris’s service and I had full access to them in a really intuitive and what I describe as clean web panel.

    Many years later, Chris is passionately working with both self-managed clients and those customers that just plain don’t want anything to do with domain names though they recognize the importance of owning them. The business has since been called FYNE.com and he positions FYNE as “Relax, your domains are FYNE”.

    Sorry for the diatribe but I hope this brings about some thoughtful consideration, as I think my friend Chris is the solution to your qualms. He offers free DNS service that works and is protected from DoS attacks with your domain account. You’ll work with a stand-up normal guy who’s just like me or you, who understands the frustration and anger you feel when dealing with the major players in the multi-billion dollar domain industry. If nothing else I hope you find solice in the fact that there is someone out there like Chris and a business out there like FYNE. Even if you don’t choose to move domains there or buy new ones there.

    Anyway please feel free to email me any follow-up questions or let me know if you’d like me to put you in direct contact with Chris. My email address is cted@jeah.net [since first meeting Chris then being his guinea pig at FYNE for domains, I have also moved my web sites and email to his original web hosting business which explains my public @email address.]

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