Facebook explodes

In the last few months Facebook has seen incredable growth in canada.   You can’t go anywhere without hearing about it.    At the same time  the huge social network hi5  has declined as facebook has taken over.    I wonder if Facebook can take over other markets as well.    Its so hard to create a Social/entertainment product that is hugely popular across many different cultures.


4 Responses to “Facebook explodes”

  1. Ryan Says:

    Personally I find the domain minus the TLD to be more useful when dealing with (non-generic domains of course): http://www.google.com/trends?q=hi5%2C+plentyoffish%2C+myspace%2C+facebook&ctab=0&geo=CA&date=all

    You’re still right about the general trend though.

  2. Markus Says:

    I don’t find it as useful, because it shows people searching on the product for information. I find including the TLD shows people using searching with the intention of using it.

  3. Steve Says:

    I used to be a plentyoffish.com user/dater, loved the fact it was free and you could email anyone and one of the attractive features about it was that it has (had?) great traffic and participants…I think people will inherently goto what’s most popular.

    Facebook is gaining in popularity because it uses linking techniques to let participants know of more people that fall within their “category”…if you think about it, another great selling point of it being a “social” site as opposed to a “dating” site is that there’s is a negative connotation associated with online dating, ie desperate people…but socializing is just meeting different people with similar interests, whether your intent is to date or not, it’s not a given and thus it is not assumed.

    If you’re thinking of progressing with the market, I recommend taking another look at music, it’s what got MySpace on the map and made iTunes successful, yet, still does not address intellectual property issues of music creators so eventually, a new model that respects these laws (we’re working on Internet laws that respect current Industry regulations) will undoubtedly kill the itunes model or least, force them to change how they do business…if they can’t respect the law, there will be an opportunity for someone else who has a lawful business model to take over.

  4. divya Says:

    facebook is now no 2 in world top websites and
    every knows google is no 1
    social networking is growing incredibly

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