Other Free sites?

I’ve never made a list of free sites,   there are just soo many of them and more pop up every day.  But with so many of them coming along, someone is bound to create something innovative that catches on.   I don’t want to miss out on that.   Here are the biggest sites I could find via the overture Inventory tool.    Are there any others out there with more then 2500 searches a month on their domain? 


Number after the domain is searches per month. 

Plentyoffish.com  328,648
matchdoctor.com 14,779 
Bookofmatches.com 11,373
okcupid.com  6,438 
connectingsingles.com  3,566 
justsayhi.com 3,469 
smooch.com  2,697 

9 Responses to “Other Free sites?”

  1. Greg Says:

    meetup.com 5,902 Seems like a pretty cool site

  2. Markus Says:

    Ya that site is massive but its got nothing to do with dating.

  3. zoltanb Says:

    Markus, my site (www.onelovenet.com) will soon be on your list.🙂 At least I hope so.

  4. Andy Arnott Says:

    Hey Markus,

    If you want to see some innovation I got some for you. Nor released yet, but I would be happy to demo it for you. Email me if you would like to take a peek. andya (at) mediafill.com

  5. Greg Says:

    Sorry I was not aware you were referring only to dating sites I should have assumed so.

  6. Martin Says:

    You’ll be seeing a lot more of mine (cheekyflirt.com

  7. facethejury Says:

    3,131 facethejury.com although I’m almost embarrassed to post this compared to where it used to be.

  8. SexyChill Says:

    New site but i think its ok to post it as its free http://www.sexychill.com

  9. Curt Says:

    Your site use to be something now its just a piece of crap like the rest. It was a short lived fad with absolutely no originality. The concept is outdated. The content of datable people on your site is slim to none. People would have a better chance of meeting a potential partner at a funeral. Markus, you should shut the site down and find a better line of work.

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