Custom Channels.

I’ve started splitting out some of my sites pageviews in adsense.     When you do CPM buys on google now you can make ads show site wide as before  or you can make them show up to users under 27,  users 27-45 and users over 45 years old.   When you search for plentyoffish when doing a CPM buy multipul plentyoffish sections will show up each allowing you to target sections of the site or demographics.

The following are the biggest advertisers of the last little while via adsense,  followed by number of clicks on their ads.   As you can see dating sites dont’ even show up,   and I hope that better targetting will rise prices for my in demand demographics/sections. 

TheSoulmateCalculator 244394
offers.spicymint 182010 179542
sugardaddyforme 178572 174116

2 Responses to “Custom Channels.”

  1. Martin Says:

    I actually filtered TheSoulmateCalculator from my adsense yesterday. It had been dominating the leader board space for so long it seemed that most of my members had either clicked on it or ignored it to the point where CTR was dropping off. – God knows what budget they put into CPC but I’m glad I aint picking up the tab😉

  2. Joshwa Says:

    How exactly are you accomplishing this? Changing the URL for your logged-in users, and then using Section Targeting? (e.g.

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