The Plan of Action.

Now that i’m going to change my site I figure I should go back to the basics and see what dating is all about.

This weekend I’m taking my girlfriend and 4 of her really hot girlfriends for a week long trip to Mexico in a 5 star all inclusive resort in Cancun.   I’m going to sit on my big plush bed under a cabana with  a steady stream of drinks supplied to one hand by my girls, while holding my laptop with the other hand.   Being that it is spring break I can watch how people behave – people in Mexico are similar to those who go online and date because they all behave like no one is watching, and nothing matters.

Now a lot of arm chair generals say what I want to do is impossible it will never work etc etc etc.   Well that is the same thing that was said about every single invention or great successful company out there.    Sadly many people listen to advice of “experts”,  I find most self appointed experts are people who  constantly just point to others who have done something successful but lack any original thoughts or ideas and whose greatest skills are selling their consulting services.  I find someone is an expert when they have taken and idea and executed against it,  ie accomplished something.

So if listening to others isn’t the answer what do you do to innovate?  Well start off by assuming that everyone is a moron,  that is the only way you are going to be open to ideas.     Write them all down,  then look at what experts and normal people would consider possible or has been done.    Those are the ideas that could make you fairly rich or well off.  The ideas that are way out in the field of impossible,  those are the ideas that could make you a billionaire.  The chances of you actually finding one of those are actually pretty high,  the chances of executing on that idea  are slim to none.  That is why there is the saying ideas are a dime a dozen.

Once you’ve got an idea you need a goal to work towards,   if you are working in a cubicle,  your goal may be to experience the world outside of your cage,  or stay at a 5 star whenever you want,  or to go on vacation whenever you want.     For me i’d set my goal to owning the whole resort and the yacht out front and making 100 million a year instead of just millions.  Just because you are already successful doesn’t mean you don’t need a goal to work towards.  Don’t assume that anyone successful thinks differently then you.

Once you got a goal you need to plan how to execute to get there.    So most of my next week will be spent trying to figure out how I can best implement my idea.  This will be about 99% of the effort,  everything has to be planned.   Risk has to be virtually eliminated,  anyone who thinks great entrepeurs are risk takers has a few screws loose.   Its all about minimizing risk and your level of risk should be in step with the potential reward you could get.    I need to make growth goals,  revenue targets etc etc etc,  data mine my existing data and try and project out what will happen/work.

Burn this into your brain, Success doesn’t happen,  its created.

Now I know most of the people reading this are aspiring to create a business of some kind.   Many will just day dream all day but never actually do anything.   I was like that a few years ago,  then I finally sat down and did something, and kept forcing myself to do it till it became a pattern and it turned out hugely successful.    Now i’m going to repeat that and you can as well.   Now when you read this, I’ll be on a beach in Mexico on my big bed watching thousands of girls stream by,  and in between the time it takes you to read this and my next drink arrives I’ll have made your weekly salary.   Now that is either going to make you angry,  or it’s going to inspire you to go create something.  The choice is yours.

69 Responses to “The Plan of Action.”

  1. Neil Says:

    your kidding right? Markus, you could sit on a subway car and get the same info. Just enjoy yourself and get a nice tan))

    By the way, I guess you actually highlighted a massive downside of a one man business – distancing yourself from your own creation.

    My advice, for what its worth, check out the competition from China, Japan and other such places. Places where the culture is radically different from our own often have unusual ways of cracking the same problem you are trying to solve.

  2. Mayo Says:

    Markus, great speech…

    but will you still keep to be one-man-band-multiMM ?? for that big fat yacht in front of your private island you will have to at least outsource some of the work i.e. work on the core by your self and get other “gadgets” to be built by others (joint venture or company that you can establish) and doing just the “architect” work for your self..

    BTW sip that extra pina-colada for all of us jockeys (^_^)

  3. matt Says:

    i am rooting for you markus

  4. Ken Says:

    I liked your post, but I think that alot of us with two income families are hard pressed to do more than just have a “Plan of Action” to do laundry and maintain a house these days, much less have a time to implement an idea. I work on average 70-80hr work weeks, which is becomming a standard if you don’t want your job to offshore from cubeland. I think something of value, might be a Russel 2000 type private subscription area, where mentors like yourself, could help those of us with those “big ideas” get out of the rat-race to be able to execute a plan of action. I for one would buy in.

  5. Martin Says:

    I agree to an extent – you could keep POF making you big bucks and am sure with your legion of followers could make big bucks out of consultancy, or even business after dinner speeches!

  6. Eric D Says:

    That’s the spirit!

    It takes a lot of courage to lay your cards down to your disciples and proclaim that you are going out to create yet another stunning success. The courage is not in the action of creating success, the courage comes from knowing that if you fail everyone will say that POF was pure luck and timing and not from brilliance. I have read that is the problem with success in business, it is not that you can do it once it is that you can do it over and over again that is what shows you are great. You have hit the ball out of the park once – batter up – the crowd is now watching – go big or go home! Don’t let the armchair generals tell you what to do – what the hell do they know they have never been successful like you have.



  7. Mike Says:

    If Markus actually CHANGES POF towards the social networking market (opposed to creating something completely new along side it), I predict a huge void in the free dating market that will need to be filled. I don’t think it will be filled by just any site though, someone has to come along with some fresh ideas first.

    Now, that doesn’t mean Markus won’t be successful in his next venture, that all depends on your definition of success. If you have access to enough eyes you could make selling ice to eskimos “successful”. After all, thats why SPAM works, thousands of idiots are born every day.

    Best of luck to you Markus, it will be interesting to see what you come up with.

  8. Alon Says:

    You are right! Dreamers sometimes are referred by mistake as fools.

    Reading your latest lines, I may say you are analyzing the situation correctly.

    Markus, I think you are more than others may understand what does the dating industry needs. I might help you with something we work on, that would give you THE next generation of dating sites, along with the social growing hype…
    Let’s talk

  9. JT Says:

    Ken: Sorry buddy, you’re not going to make it. You don’t need a mentor! You already have one in Markus.

    You need to make mistakes.

    You need to out there testing ideas. Falling down. Screwing up. Same with Markus and this new idea. It won’t take off out of the gate. The first idea won’t be perfect. But he’ll adapt and learn, just like he did the first time around.

    Seth Godin is saying the same thing on his blog today. Squidoo has grown 10x in a year in traffic, and they had to adapt their ideas as they went along.

    Ken, if you’re making excuses about houses and 70-80 hour work weeks, you’re done before you started. If you’re serious about it, you need to change things in your life.

    Downsize your house, and your job. I did. We moved to a cheap rented house, lived on less per month than Markus makes in a good morning, and built things from the ground up. Two years later I’m in a nice suburban home driving a Jaguar. But it took me time and money and no excuses to get there.

    Understand this. You can’t do it the way you are now, and the way you are thinking now. It will never happen.

  10. Henrik Says:

    Fascinating to see the combination of the classic entrepeneur/motivator pitch and the cheap excuses we all use at one point or another. The sympathy excuses are the best. So hard to counter without looking like a prick.

  11. Ken Says:

    Actually, I will make it, but I’m not ready to destroy the kids lives quite yet with uprooting them. I’ve already done the preliminary work, (ie: move out of the 3500sqft house, to a place with acreage, and a low morgage that has doubled in value over the past year) paid off one morgage, (land) and well on the way to paying off the current house mortgage. Working the 70-80 hr weeks my wife and I do makes that possible, and I hope within three years for us to be completely debt free again, which is the launch platform for starting. Unfortunately my ideas are industrial revolution types, and won’t be easy to run with, and it will require a substantial investment to start with. I have no fear of failure, (everyone in my family are millionaires, albeit jerks) and we have a long family history of changing the world, which I won’t bore you with details. What really would be nice, is to set aside a bit that would grow, (ie: the suggestion of a think tank subscription) that would allow my work focus not to be disuaded. I pride myself in giving 120% in everything I do, which means little time for much of anything else. I have already owned 5 businesses, three of which were extremely successful, two of which were bombs, but that was pre-kids. I’ve already been a millionaire, and lost it, but I’m getting a bit old to play the game, and this one would be my life-long dream so it has to be done right. It takes money to make money, and a good 5 year plan, and decent phase I cap investors that won’t rob you blind, or chop your company up to sell the pieces for a quick buck. The key to avoiding those things is to have more money.

  12. Marc Chriqui Says:

    Markus, your arrogant bits in your posts (“I’ll have made your weekly salary”) are gold. Keep it up! People love to hate.

  13. Mayo Says:

    People love to hate. (^_^)

    That’s 4 sure!! (^_^)

    I love Markus! He’s a guru 4 free! The rest of the teachings are on the loose on the net, you only need to gather data(programming , statistical analysis, seo, system management, tactical management…) and act on them….

  14. » I Make Your Weekly Salary In Minutes Says:

    […] behind the ultra successful dating site, In a recent blog post about his current plan of action, he laid it on the line for any aspiring entrepreneurs or business owners. Marcus had this to […]

  15. Markus Says:

    Marc, I need to put that in there, A call to action without invoking emotion does nothing.

  16. Zoltan Says:

    Markus, if you can replicate what you have done with POF, you are indeed a guru. Unfortunately life is not like this. The experience shows that being successful in one area does not necessarily mean you will be in another area. But good luck!

  17. Nicholas Says:

    Good comment Zoltan:

    Even Warren Buffett admits that there are areas that he would not succeed in with different areas of business. He is an allocator of capital and is an expert. While he has to change some of his methods through the years, he still focuses on what he does best and duplicates it. One of the ways he has changed in investments is that he is so large that he cannot really invest in small cap companies and that the pool of prospects for investments become quite limited. I remember years ago he commented that he had really no reason to invest in foreign stocks. This has changed and he now is investing in companies all over the world.

  18. Mayo Says:

    I am certain at one thing only:

    Markus knows how to build traffic, now will this knowledge help him to get to 5 , 10 or even 20 billion (^_^) monthly page views lets to be seen…

    I can only say this: good luck Markus!

  19. Marc Chriqui Says:

    Markus this, Markus that…y’all have to stop glorifying him, he’s not above anyone else. He reads, then does. Do the same.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Markus, are you open to seeding other companies if the idea and strategy behind it is right?

  21. Mayo Says:

    I personally glorify Markus because he is wanting to (as the main title of this blog is) paradigm shift the way we look at the on-line business.

    Oh BTW i also DO, although i admit as the Markus says him self that i slack a “little”, i.e. i looked at so many technologies that makes my head spin but finally i made a choice of development environment and it surely wont be Ruby on Rails, although RoR made a paradigm shift also in the world of online programming…
    Now that i chose the environment in which i develop i only hope that pre-alpha (^_^) will come before the end of this month with basic capabilities… after that when i get to some 1 to 2k users by the end of this year(don’t know if i’m too conservative on this🙂 ) only sky will be the limit in the years to come… i also like Markus won’t settle with small score, and as hacker in soul i will tend to be one man band until the complexity of the business goes overwhelming that only a established outsourcing becomes only viable way.
    And yes i state again: Markus is my Hero! (^_^)

  22. Adam Wisniewski Says:

    Markus… Good luck on the new direction!

    I was actually toying with the idea of starting a competing site to POF because there’s not much out there (right now) as far as truly free competition, and I’m sure that people with an account on POF really wouldn’t mind setting up another account on another free service… I for instance, have several free email accounts (gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc…)

    I’ve gained a lot of respect for your openness recently after reading your blog entries and wish you all the best of luck. Your crude truthfulness is really what a good motivator or “business consultant’ should be presenting instead of usual garbage they learned at last weekends “business consulting for dummies” course.

    We probably will not be competing in the future, so I hope that POF, with the new direction, turns into the Google of dating sites..

  23. JT Says:

    Ken: Sounds like you have a plan and experience. Although 3 years is a long time to wait. We still have debt from a failed business, too, but I’m working around it versus waiting 3-4 years ’til its paid off. Meanwhile I’m enjoying a great quality of life. Yes, my business is growing slowly, more slowly than I’d like. But we’re here, and am loving it. It will come.

    Markus: NEVER lose those emotional bits. Make more money this morning… beautiful. That does motivate me. I don’t hate or view with envy. Those that do, let them. They’re just making excuses.

  24. Brian Donovan’s Descriptors » Blog Archive » Start off by assuming that everyone is a moron … Says:

    […] Start off by assuming that everyone is a moron … So if listening to others isn’t the answer what do you do to innovate? Well start off by assuming that everyone is a moron, that is the only way you are going to be open to ideas. Write them all down, then look at what experts and normal people would consider possible or has been done. Those are the ideas that could make you fairly rich or well off. The ideas that are way out in the field of impossible, those are the ideas that could make you a billionaire. The chances of you actually finding one of those are actually pretty high, the chances of executing on that idea are slim to none. That is why there is the saying ideas are a dime a dozen.The Paradigm Shift: The Plan of Action […]

  25. GK Says:

    Nice, start doing something. Day dreaming is actually a start, but when to start can be made after waking up. The question is when do people want to wake up? I consider wake up on time is really a brave move. things like. wife, parents, work, and other constraints…
    Thanks for your blog.

  26. Sam Moorcroft Says:


    Have fun in Cancun. If you are like me, you never really take vacations, as you are either online all the time or thinking about work – sounds like you’ll be spending more time typing and less time galking at sexy women on the beach (assuming your SO permits it in the first place – hang on to that one – you have a really classy lady there😉

    There is nothing like having a successful business like yours and mine – residual income is a nice thing – you make $ 24/7, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. I recently returned from a month-long trip to Brazil (we are launching shortly) and it was nice watching the $$ roll in while sitting at one of my brothers-in-law’s places overlooking the beach while logging in.

    I am glad I got all the hard work of getting the business off the ground years ago, before I had things like responsibility (wife, kids, house, etc.). This way, we are able to enjoy things, knowing that $$ isn’t an issue, no bank is bugging us for their mortgage cheque, same with the car companies and their payments – when you owe nothing, the only calls you get are companies wanting to lend you money:-) What a differnence that makes (I still borrow money at 1.90% or whatever the intro rate is – I just invest it for the duration and make money off of *their* money for a change;-)

    It is great being able to get whatever you want whenever it suits your fancy – and paying cash.

    For those not there yet, you’ll make it, in time. Having a vision, working long and hard (very long and hard, actually), and with failure never an option, how can you fail?

    Your new plan of action will succeed Marcus – arrogance and all, thrown in for good measure – it makes reading your blog all that more intesting (and entertaining!).

  27. Sam Moorcroft Says:

    P.S. Don’t take just a week’s vacation – we take three weeks – it takes me the first week just to unwind (I mean when I am *really* on vacation – that means checking things only a few times a week), the second week to start to relax, and the third to really relax – and think it is time to go back to work.

    Some day, check out Tahiti – it’ll put Cancun to shame. We spent three weeks there on our honyemoon in 2003. See, top testimonial, for a nice photo.

  28. Sam Moorcroft Says:

    Drat – the URL string is including the , after it. Try here:

  29. Mayo Says:


    nice place for living also — and i mean permanently, the island in the background is my type of i-want-to-live-there-island :))

    Here in Croatia we have beautiful islands that could put ashame to many tropical places but unfortunately we don’t have permanent spring time here, although it has nice mediterranean’s climate.

  30. ajchase Says:

    you sound heavily motivated, power to you!

    are you by anychance heading to that event in toronto?

  31. Sam Moorcroft Says:

    Yeah, I was thinking about it. It is only $99 for the whole weekend if you buy in advance (where they get you is selling their motivational tapes at whatever crazy high price, when they have you all pumped up and excited and not thinking clearly).

  32. Sam Moorcroft Says:

    Mayo, Tahiti is amazing, but living there with that view – at $900/night, plus food – no way! I have heard that Crotia is beautiful, esp, along the coast, and that is is cheap, because if hasn’t been “discovered” yet by mainstream tourism. I’ve been relatively close to there (Corfu).

  33. Mayo Says:

    i whole heartedly recommend you to visit Croatia at least one time, we have relatives in UK and they are hooked to Croatia🙂 for almost three years now, besides that it’s pretty cheap it’s also a magnificent place to be, i could recommend you city of Opatija as an “old style aristocracy” tourist place (most of Austro-Hungarian emperors have been here — well after all it was established as tourist place by the austrian nobilty), Dubrovnik (i think that Oprah is thinking to buy a 6MM$US villa there, Paul Allen was there, Tom Cruise, John Malkovich — he has a house there,…), Istria, Kornati, Plitvice, the list goes on and on… (^_^)

  34. Sam Moorcroft Says:

    Mayo, now you are really tempting me! My wife and I love to travel. One place we have yet to do in detail is Europe, but esp. places like Croatia:-)

    I am British by birth, so could pretty much show up and live anywhere in Europe. Who knows, some day I just might do that!

  35. Zoltan Says:

    Mayo, I am a little closer to you than the rest of the guys here… Romania. My parents visited Croatia about 3-4 times, they were in Pula once if I remember well. I’ll meet you in Croatia soon.
    I just need to buy my A8 and I will drive there…🙂

  36. Mayo Says:


  37. Mayo Says:

    I hope i will be able to arrange annual dating industry conference 4 all of you once a year here in Croatia on Brioni in some mid-term future… (^_^)

  38. Marc Says:

    Have to agree. I love the Dalmation Coast.

  39. Jonathan Frate Says:


    Well start off by assuming that everyone is a moron, that is the only way you are going to be open to ideas.

    Success = (Hard Work) X (A Bit of Luck)

    The world is peppered with entrepreneurs who forget that they’ve been a little bit lucky (right time right place), AS WELL as working hard.

    Entrepreneurs like to think it was just the hard work that made them sucecssful.

    Some times – like when you’re offered 100 million $ to sell your company – you should call a spade a spade and give some credit to luck.

  40. Sam Moorcoft Says:

    Jonathan, you make a good point. If everyone who worked hard succeeded, well, we’d have a wierd economy, one not based on supply & demand. I know a lot of entrepreneurs who have worked as hard as I have, yet who have not had the same success. There were a lot more in my space a few years ago. There aren’t that many anymore.

    The same applies to Marcus. As he has pointed out before, every other free dating site put together has not had the success he has had.

    So, yes, right time/right place, etc does play a role. Even Bill Gates had that with IBM, right? Another difference is that a lot of people have success staring right at them when everything aligns – yet they still drop the ball.

  41. Batu Says:

    Good post Marcus.. People like me, who are still in the thinking stage, have a lot to learn from you…

  42. Benny Carreon » Blog Archive » Success doesn’t sit still Says:

    […] recently, he has stated that he is changing his business plan to move his website in a new direction, away from already successful proven […]

  43. Martin Says:

    I think your crazy to change the existing site. Start a new one. Dont fix what aint broke

  44. pits Says:


    I am quoting you —
    “I should go back to the basics and see what dating is all about” you said that and you don’t know how much you are right, the basic of dating… a boy meets a girl and ask here out.
    she looks at him and think: he looks like a nice guy, I like his voice and the way he walks, I will take his phone # (I don’t trust him yet to give him main) and we’ll see what happens … the basics.

    People are waking up from the internet sphere, you should wake up as well.
    Not everything we can do from the computer… there are things better done face to face with people you trust and love.


  45. kwa Says:

    “Success doesn’t happen, its created.”

    AFAIK, Markus, you haven’t initially planned the success of Plenty of Fish. You just wanted to learn ASP, didn’t you? So, how can you pretend “success doesn’t happen” ? That doesn’t mean success cannot be created…

  46. Patrick Says:

    I think from reading this post/the overall blog, the impression I get is that Markus has read and picked up the good points from Napoleon Hill.

  47. Mayo Says:


    It says by it’s self, the success is created, id does not happen by itself! You have to create an business, program or any other work of art, the valuable stuff doesn’t just happen it takes time and work..
    If anyone wants to succeed needs to start working now, this evening and roll out by the end of this week at least some tangible result.

    Best of luck to all of you computer jockeys! (^_^)

  48. john Says:

    Just to say Danke!

    My Story:

    – First time heard about adsense aprox. 1 year ago, after the some post in LiveJournal about Markus. No sites, no real HTML/SEO knowledge’s in that time.

    – Now – with my first “test” site I make about 2 millions pageviewes and 12000 $ per month. The 3 next sites a ready to start.

    It’s not a lot, in comparison with Markus, but it’s just a beginning.

    Thank You Markus!

  49. vanchau Says:

    The best advice for entrepreneurs that I ever got was to just do what you love. There are too many variables and too many things that you can not see. If you do what you love you will enjoy it regardless of the results. The journey is more important than the end.

    I also think there is a much higher chance of success doing things you love because it takes a lot of effort to be successful. Its hard to dig down and get that motivation on something you don’t really enjoy.

  50. Matthias Says:

    One thing that the site could really use is not to stretch / compress images to fit. Don’t know where else to comment this, but its a major turnoff to a lot of people who don’t know they need to crop their pictures square to avoid this.

    I’d even be willing to help you with this – I do use the site. See website for email address.


  51. Martin Says:

    I’m parting company here and fully persuing the paid dating route.

    I think with free dating you get what you pay for – (exactly). I’ve enjoyed following Markus’s comments and observations, but there’s just too many following your lead and not innovating.

    I’m off to make my own destiny.


  52. Michelle Huet Says:

    With mobiles becoming so popular have you thought about getting free dating onto the growth curve of SMS, Picture Messaging and Video Calling?

    Whatever you do good luck and keep inspiring people!


  53. quantummanifest Says:

    Good post. Success IS created. It is the secret that the greatest business people in HISTORY have always known. You think it, you find your interior BURN for it’s materialization and then you go make it f’in happen! I believe in you because I believe in your process. Good for you!

  54. junglee Says:

    I read about you on WSJ.

    I have a goal – and it’s steal your web traffic – start up a competing site. Ready for a battle?

  55. sushidating Says:

    I will take this blog as motivational. Thank you, Markus. This is a very inspirational blog.

  56. Melody Rosschild Says:

    I am deeply inspired, so thankyou very much. I have been an entrepreneur since childhood, but have been temporarily down in the dumps lately. You know, same ol:married a liar whom embezzled, turned some wanttabe-friends+one unstable relative married to a coke dealer, lost a good portion of my life earnings from creative business’s founded and operated…more to do and now I’m thinking in trillions not millions.

    I’ve not yet and probably never will do the on-line dating thing, but I love people;have sons and daughters that are my best friends and they are very awsome people. Was introduced to Bill Gates once like I should have been impressed. Hope to talk or meet you. Carry on dude, Melody 503-490-5583 p.s. because of you I’m going to start another business today.

  57. Online Dating Lover Says:

    Markus this, Markus that…y’all have to stop glorifying him, this comment made me laugh were not glorifying him were just letting him know that he is doing well

  58. ray hinton Says:

    Im on POF, works for me ! thanks buddy !

  59. xuxppxxuxyyy Says:

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  61. Angeles Dosreis Says:


  62. Scott Elmore Says:

    My Hat is certainly off to Markus. Dear Sir, all these bloggers here complaining about your arrogance. The Point is that you set out to make your dream come true, and you did it.

    Some of them don’t see that your trying to light a fire under their Butt’s. Like me, many need to be pushed.

    you guys take a look at George Lucas. He didn’t want to become a pawn of Hollywood. so he set out to do things his own way! Now, Hollywood follows him! they use his technology, He has been the pioneer in many of the special effects we know and love today.

    They say if you want to be succesful, then Idolize, and look to that person that is enjoying the success that you want.

    Even if he is enjoying his next drink, and has made your week’s, or even monthly salary by the next serving🙂

    Im doing exactly as you were Markus. I am reading up on what I can, Studying what you did and what you say. the more i can Learn about succesful SEO, and advertising, the better.

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