Plentyoffish And Eharmony Announce Merger. has been running away with the middle tier of the market with its  raunchy sex based advertising.   Eharmony is great at extracting money from women its its 29 dimensions of compatibility,  but unfortunately most men fall asleep and don’t compete the 400 personality questions, so eharmony is very short on men. on the other hand makes all its money from men by bombarding them with ads of half naked women.  This has reduced’s  male membership to 2 dimensions,  Horny men who pay,  and everyone else who doesn’t.

In order to stop true from getting all the men,  we have decided to merge and Plentyoffish will relaunch with a “Personality test for men” that will discover what women you most desire.   Inspired by’s advertising we are going to launch a test containing  26 questions.   Each question will be a choice between pictures of 2 hot women with tag lines like we see in true’s advertising.   As you progress in the test each set of women you have to pick between will be wearing less and less and the poses will get more provocative and the tag lines more sleazy.   The final question of course will contain a credit card entry form. 

We believe that true’s current strategy is flawed,   True relies on making horny men on myspace click on ads and then paying right away to see more hot women.     We believe by using raunchy advertising and then subjecting men to a sequence of near nude porn stars we can make more men pay.    If they weren’t horny when they hit the landing page they sure will be by the time they finish the test.  We believe this will result in big revenues and leave our new combined entity as the undisputed leader in online dating.

13 Responses to “Plentyoffish And Eharmony Announce Merger.”

  1. Wayner Says:

    A feable fool effort Markus…😉

  2. Marc Says:

    hahaha…. The problem is every blogger on the planet has an April fool going. I wised up after about 3. (I’m a slow learner)

  3. Immad Says:

    That was hilarious. I like how the title says something different from the story too.

  4. Congrats, Mike — nice April Fool prank » Says:

    […] will automate blog posting for you, Markus Frind says his dating site Plenty of Fish and eHarmony are merging, Google itself has announced Gmail Paper for sending paper-based mail, and Google TiSP, a […]

  5. Mark Says:


  6. Chris Says:

    NICE TRY!!!

  7. blake Says:

    haha, i totally came on here to write about how brutal of an idea it was and that you were totally selling out… totally forgot it was april fool’s until i read the other comments… def. made a fool out of me, nicely played.

  8. Paul Short Says:

    After being punkd by Mike over at TechCrunch on the F***edCompany buyout, I wised up.

    I love reading all those April fool’s jokes though. Seen some really creative and convincing ones that I would have believed on any other day.

  9. Gomer Says:

    If you merge with anyone, you are going to need a new banner for sure😉

  10. Patrick Says:

    I think this is a terrible ide… oh for goodness sake. pwned.

  11. Mike Stone Says:

    LOL, I just found this article and had no idea it was an april fools joke

  12. Grisel Meadowcroft Says:

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  13. Massive Traffic Bot Says:

    Very nice information.

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