BC Business Article on Vancouvers Tech Startup Scene.

Building communities and attracting eyeballs: is it 1999 all over again?

http://www.bcbusinessmagazine.com/stories.php?id=1   lots of companies couvered and a few errors in there,  such as google only has 4,000 advertisers.   I did the interview sometime between september and december of last year I think so some information is pretty dated.

When reading this article I found it very ironic that that i’ve got the lowest headcount of any company mentioned,  yet i’ve got more pageviews/day than all tech startups in BC combined.  Makes me wonder if i’m an anomaly or the future.  

Another thing I found off in the article was the suggestion that someone in vancouver could build a myspace.  Its pretty much impossible to build the next google or myspace in vancouver because the city/telco’s are so anti technology.    The main problem is myspace alone would need more datacenter space then there are data centers in vancouver.    The major hosting companies have no more power to power servers and space is maxed out,  the telco’s don’t want to lay more lines  and because of strict building codes leaving no more places to build datacenters that have a fibre connection.  Last time I checked peer1 and netnation were no longer taking customers for vancouver datacenters.   From dicussions with them it seems there won’t be a solution to this problem any time soon.

Bcbusiness is the first major business publication to mention plentyoffish.   I’m going to go out and buy a copy when it hits news stands and save it.  Then one day 20 years in the future I can take a look at it again.  

8 Responses to “BC Business Article on Vancouvers Tech Startup Scene.”

  1. Paul Short Says:

    Shrinkwrap that copy of BCB. With the current trend of print mags going totally virtual, in 20 years your kids can see a piece of history with you in it😉

  2. Jonathan Frate Says:

    Markus, Vancouver has one of the cheapest bandwidth rates in ALL of north America, and there are PLENTY of datacentres in Vancouver that are under 10% capacity. peer1 and netnation aren’t exactly ‘tier 1’ data centres anyways….

  3. Mike Says:

    You got it all wrong with the datacenters there Markus. I worked with NetNation right before they moved into the building they are currently in (Bentall). They had to run their own fiber into that building, and at the same time they leased lines down to Seattle to get the cheapest rates possible. Providers in Canada were just way too expensive that it made more sense to pay tens of thousands of dollars per month for a line to Seattle and pay a US provider. The line to Seattle is pretty much what started their huge growth rate (in bandwidth) anyways. Once that line was put in they could finally offer decent bandwidth on their packages to compete with US hosting companies.

    Oh yeah, and do you want to know why they didn’t buy a huge warehouse in Richmond for their datacenter? This was a big debate inside the company, as this was when ServerMatrix was exploding by installing “desktop” servers, instead of paying 2-4x more for rack mount servers like we were, simply because they had the space. It wasn’t because of fiber, it wasn’t because of building codes, it wasn’t because of electricity, it was because of employees. They did a survey of all the employees, asking them if they were willing to commute to Richmond, and the majority said no. So that sealed the deal, no datacenter in Richmond. At the time they didn’t want two locations either, as they felt it would hurt their ability to provide support.

    In hind site it was a pretty stupid decision. The only reason NetNation is growing is because they were bought out by Hostway 4 years ago or so, and new customers are essentially “hostway” customers, not NetNation customers. They filled their new (2.5x larger) datacenter at the time within a single year and had to expand it again, which if I recall has also filled up. They also maxed out the cooling ability of the entire building, so to expand further they have to pay for a new cooling tower on the roof. Electricity in the past has been the least of their concerns.

  4. Markus Says:

    Harbour center is maxed out on power and netnation doesn’t have a cooling tower. Either way they aren’t taking new customers because they don’t have the room.

  5. Jonathan Frate Says:

    try shaw or worldcom… lots of room

  6. Shawn Says:

    In today’s world, why do you need a datacenter in Vancouver? Could you not host a service with one the several service providers without being in the same city. Not sure I understand…

  7. Neal Says:

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