Microsoft Podcast.

In between a LONG day of meetings at Microsoft’s campus I did a impromptu podcast and its now up on channel 9.  Talking about IIS running a large site  etc.

8 Responses to “Microsoft Podcast.”

  1. Joe Frank Says:

    Hey Markus- Great interview! I have to ask though, at one point you say you don’t use any of the built in ASP.NET components, and the example you give is DataGrids, which peaked my curiosity. Do you just use repeaters? For loops?

  2. Markus Says:

    I have a few repeaters but i’m slowly getting rid of them. I use the append string thing or response.write

    I ditched them really early on, I’d say if you are doing over a million pageviews a day just write out the code to spit it out to the screen. It would only take you an hour or so to do.

  3. Joe Frank Says:

    Shocking! That is an interesting tidbit for sure.

    Good luck with the redo/direction change!

  4. Mayo Says:

    Great what you mentioned about KIS(S) principle! (^_^)

  5. Jorge Grippo Says:

    Hi Markus,

    It is so great to hear “keep it simple” from someone like you. I worked for big sites and they simply don’t get it. I’ve enjoyed every second of the podcast. I also agree with you that people don’t care about things like web 2.0. Thanks a lot.

  6. Gregg Says:

    Could you let us know the specs of your webserver and database server? CPU, amount of RAM? Thanks. I’ve told my friends and posted on a few different forums that POF runs on just one webserver with 31 million page views/day and 50,000 concurrent users and everybody’s response is that you have to be lying or using one special server that has 16 or 32 CPUs.

  7. Ryan Says:


    Thank you for the info. As a ASP.NET developer, I really appreciate it. I wish I could get more detail on your use of the .net framework and your setup, but I understand your need to keep the details to yourself. Congrats on your success!

  8. Eldo Says:


    i found ur site,blog after hearing the podcast.

    Upon observation, it seems you’re using ASP Session ID [may state server] for managing user state.Performance vise, is it wise to use ASP Session it may consume a lot of memory,resources..or create custom Session.

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