Top US websites by user visits.

Comscore Rankings by number of sessions per visitor a month.

Plentyoffish comes in at 39 In the USA and the most visited dating site and 3rd after social networks.

Plentyoffish destroys all other dating sites when it comes to engagement but its very misleading.   Plentyoffish doesn’t advertise much  so we don’t get tens of millions of “uniques”.    Remember the visits per user per month =  Total visits/uniques.       Sites like singlesnet and  may do a million popups plus a month  and that totally kills their “engagement” metrics.   The entire list is made up of games sites,  users homepages, and sites that don’t advertise.

3 Responses to “Top US websites by user visits.”

  1. jeremyliew Says:

    Impressive stats indeed. Would love to chat to you about what you’re doing sometime if you have some time. jeremy AT Lightspeedvp DOT com

  2. Johnny10g Says:

    Markus, that’s simply incredible. See, one man can make a difference!

  3. scottbusinesss Says:

    I read the article about you in Forbes and I hope you continue to do well.
    I also heard you were worried about costs multiplying out of control as you continued the free status. Do you think that is still a problem, and do large free article directories ultimately face the same problem?

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