Right media… Sold for $680M.

Most of last month I was doing about 3 million pageviews a day through rightmedia using it as an ad server.

For the number of page impressions per day being served and revenue generated that was one hell of an exit!

Direct Media Exchange Numbers Yesterday:

Impressions: 185,020,315
Publishers: 595
Countries Represented: 69
Sites: 9,550
Advertisers: 1,544
Direct Media Exchange Impressions This Month:

From their newsletter

Revenue for Publishers
In April, Direct Media Exchange recorded $896,000 in revenue.

Traffic Density: April’s Top Nine Countries
USA: 50.4%, Canada: 6.9%, UK: 3%, Mexico: 2.7%,
SE Asia: 2.5%, Spain: 2.4%, India 2.3%,  Germany: 2.2%, Japan: 1.7%

Now all we need is an exchange,  you can feed Demographic data to on the user viewing the ad.   Ie  Pass along  gender, age and marital status  in a javascript call to the ad.

3 Responses to “Right media… Sold for $680M.”

  1. Mayo Says:

    What do you think would be your exit price if you thought of retiring?🙂

  2. Greg Says:

    To be fair, the Direct Media Exchange is only a portion of the impressions Right Media’s serving. The official acquisition announcement says we’re trading ‘over four billion impressions a day.’

  3. Rita Says:

    and we care why

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