Revenue Stats for Tagged.   350,000 signups PER DAY   Revenue  $600,000/month  65,000 signups/day  Revenue  $26,000,000/month

Looks like a ARPU of sub 10 cents for,  vs   $10+ for    Looks like their biggest revenue stream is from and they are going to get booted for under performing.  ie nothing converts.

19 Responses to “Revenue Stats for Tagged.”

  1. Andrew Johnson Says:

    From what I’ve heard, Ask has possibly the worst quality traffic; can Tagged be much worse than toolbar traffic for non-existant domains/typos that appears to be Ask’s bread and butter? The demographics are probably just about exactly the same.

  2. Martin Says:

    doesnt this simply prove that their is more REAL value in paid-for sites (for the owner at least ;)) than free ones? – At least on a value per new member.

  3. rob Says:

    Why is there CPM so damm low…is yours the same Markus around that neighbourhood?

  4. Neil Says:

    WIth 350,000 signups a day, you get about 10 million per month. Lets say life span on the site (on average) is about 2 months – It gives Tagged about 20 million active users).
    Can assume they use the site 7 times a month, and view 20 pages per session, this gives about 20 cents CPM per user right? Which isn’t too bad considering their costs can’t be much.

    Lets not forget that you can’t really compare the 2. I dont think Tagged is paying for traffic for one thing, they have got a critical mass to attract new users via address book invites – somethign that will NEVER happen on a dating site (free or paid). Anyway, 600K per month isn’t bad is it?

  5. Zoltan Says:

    Markus, how many new signups do you have / day?

  6. Zoltan Says:

    I meant… how many signups, not how many new signups…

  7. Martin Says:

    Quote: “they have got a critical mass to attract new users via address book invites – somethign that will NEVER happen on a dating site (free or paid).”

    That’s not true I can assure you that 50% of the traffic that comes to my paid dating site get there through member referral, and whats more the referrer gets 25% of the subsequent revenue.

    I have over half a million referral email addresses to prove it.

  8. Andy Arnott Says:

    Tagged definitely PAYS for traffic. For a while there you couldn’t miss their ads on other social networks. People are more then willing to open their address book for a quality site, as it helps them in the long run to bring more users to a service they like. Give it a few more years and EVERYONE will be dating online. It works, plain and simple.

  9. Markus Says:

    I agree that paid sites extract more money from users than free, there is no way I could make $10++ off a signup. Both Plentyoffish and Tagged have a billion pageviews a month.
    Taggeds revenue is high because they are doing Co-reg and with 300k users a day that makes a killing.

  10. Zoltan Says:

    What do you mean by co-reg?

  11. Martin Says:

    Co-reg means you display offers on your sign up page, either already checked, or it relies on the member to voluntarily check the box.

    For instance, imagine this is the sign up page for XYZ Dating:

    Your Name_________________

    Your Age___________________

    Your Email Address _________________

    (X) I would also like to receive information on cheaper mortgages


    If you leave the box checked, the Mortage co. will receice your details and market to you.

    The Mortgage Co. will pay XYZ Dating for the lead.

    Hope this helps to explain.

  12. neil Says:


    no way does your site have critical mass.

  13. neil Says:

    and anyway, thats not what I meant, the address book uploading process will be ineffective on a site where 1) you have to pay to play (i.e. match) or 2) the site a “dating” site – i.e. it says “dating” in the logo or catchprase.

    When was the alst tiem you with with a group of friends and someone suggested “hey, lets go dating!” – never, its too gay to even think about right?

  14. Martin Says:

    Neil, with respect, as the owner of the site, I say it does have critical mass. With barely any marketing costs, refferals fueling new signups, and constant reveune, I would interpret that as critical mass, – though I’d welcome what your interpretation of Critical Mass is.

  15. Martin Says:

    Quote “When was the alst tiem you with with a group of friends and someone suggested “hey, lets go dating!” – never, its too gay to even think about right?”

    Im obviously living in an imaginary world and the last 2 years have been a lie. – Is this where I wake up and find Bobby Ewing in the shower?

  16. Neil Says:

    ok, the sites in the uk (in the same boat with you) with critical mass are faceparty and bebo. And by critical mass I mean about 200K users or more.

    In my opinion, anything less than that, and you have the equivalent of a kind of country pub for locals. Great, but you’re never going to make any real money.

    There are a few sites like yours (great tech / features etc) which ae going head to head on the med – long -tail (flirtomatic / mingleville etc) i.e. none has the critical mass to blow up big time via address book uploads.

    (and apologies for my “redarted” typing skills).

    However – my point is still this – address book uploading is the only way to get traction for a site in this space without blowing megabucks, and dating sites (i.e. like / / and PoF) can’t utilise this feature.

    I’m going to drop the subject now.

  17. Martin Says:

    “Great, but you’re never going to make any real money.”

    Ok, I will forgive your retarded spelling and file it with your retarded attitude.

  18. Martin Says:

    £5,000 a month profit in my ass pocket every month is real enough for me.

  19. Big Rooster Says:

    My God! I own and if I had a fraction of that I would be extatic. Those numbers are mind boggling!

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